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  1. I have friends and newly met friends ingame who are interested in the contest but sadly we just heard about it :D
  2. I suggest that contest should also be announce in the ingame news which u can see before officially enter the game not only the proper announcement ( such as events, discounts, etc.) With this, players, who seldomly checked forum and also the new players, will know about the game's contest which is held seldom. We cant blame the game tho coz its our responsible to check the forum every time but thats why im suggesting that just add it to the news ingame :D I said this not because i missed the contest ( I really like to participate in every contest tho even not winning atleast for fun :D but sadly i just checked forum and knew just today :( ) but because it is great to see many players to involved in the said contest ( and they might inspired especially for new comers :D ) . #noticemeplease #avansiwarspear #sml ~calla🌹
  3. Crazy. Fun. and Noob. First family picture. I hope to expand my fam and aim together for the best with love, unity and friendship. p.s. Sml from nocturnal p.s.s. We dont sleep
  4. I forgot its CET hahah i thought im outdated or whatsoever im excited tho
  5. Spring adds Beauty to All there is . :bath:


  6. whats your guild name ?
  7. if priest used it to others , then priest will be killed easily.. they will be given a chance to kill priest bcoz of its vulnerability to stuns . so i dont think its bias tho hmm
  8. OMG inday binibini.. you won 2nd place! lets celebrate tomorrow at school .. winning this contest means FOODS .yey freebies its ok i lost hahah ill do my best in nxt contest and ill not lost to you inday binibini CONGRATS ALL
  9. When rain is not falling, listen closely; 

    You can hear the sound of a flowing river ... within. :bath:


  10. Play as charmer it is good when ur lower lvl.. just drop ur dog and run Im really enjoying it
  11. It is so sad that the event failed everytime i join. I cant blame them tho it's just im so weak that i cant do anything but stand watching in the corner
  12. This really needs an attention because i purchased items accidentally in secondhand dealer without second qoute such as "Are you sure you want to buy this item ?" . It happened to me not only once but thrice
  13. Goodluck everyone who participated in the contest. Announcement of winners coming soon. Keep calm and play warspear
  14. I like its fierce look . It suits my character very well
  15. I like this idea . Hahah ----- And also the idea of private mode sounds good to me. I want to be alone sometimes bcoz other player bothered u for chat. And its annoying while questing so u left no choice but to reply . So This mode will help in a manner that they will not offend from getting rejected or bein ignored.
  16. I like This idea ! it is a way also to prevent new players from scammers for example, wanting to transfer gold/items to another char.. i trust no one atm coz im new
  17. Missprite

    Hi .

    What if u accidentally reenchant the item that is already in great charm? does it stay the same or the great charm lost ?
  18. Missprite

    Hi .

    Ahh ok thanks.. and also, can i great great charm the item that is alrready in great charmed ?
  19. Missprite

    Hi .

    I want to know if the great charm happens pure luck ? Or how many runes/crystal needed to achieve it ? Because i just great charmed my belt and didnt know theres somethin like that . Im new so sorry for ignorance :) . Can i great charm again ? Is it pure luck ?
  20. thanks but i made it based on my description. i appreciate your opinion tho. thanks :)
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