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  1. Can u please fix spawner regen? It's pretty hard for many people to finish it
  2. Prince of Spring, Cefiro Also know as Prince of Spring, Cefiro, born as Firstborn, when he was younger moved to Mountain Clans. He lives in Frozen Dale, the highest mountain of Arinar. The wind and air are his servants. In spring it is sighted with an eagle in his hand and a rattle that makes all the plants of Arinar grow. Cefiro remains eternally young thanks to the blessing of God Nuadu. He looks cold and proud but is very kind and noble. Legend says that once a year Cefiro comes down from the mountain to bless the warriors with his Spring Breeze power. Some say that during the holidays it usually manifests itself consecutively as the wind. When it is manifested as a person you can see a tunic made of orange feathers, underneath it uses a kind of purple-red kimono and a long tunic made of clouds and finally a gold crown made by hand by barbarians. ~ This is the costume image but larger ~ if the link drops click here to see original costume I hope u like it! Ritaev, EU-Emerald *Edited 09/02/2018 because image link dropped
  3. I did the char by myself based on Polar Huntress + Candy Stick, you can check it here > (https://imgur.com/a/j9OMH) Good luck everyone!
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