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  1. There will some crybabies in us saphire..again gonna cry to stop other guilds doing the events!
  2. I think this event should have been after snow ends ... timetable suckx ... I can’t join events in both maps ... only I’m available when gvg snow earlier ... most of the days it’s late ... suckx
  3. Aw, Thank you otherwise it was about to ruin everything as since event horror started haven’t got any accessories that I could use Now I hope I can Get em as drops because some ppl getting two / three in a week yet they don’t wanna sell at fair price ... Wish this little bird a very good luck for upcoming days
  4. ... well what he wanted he said... you are not the one to judge here someone else’s opinion ... so keep your words with you whoever trying to make him feel like he said something wrong !
  5. Same in us sapphire now ... game isn’t interested anymore .. well for me because of the reason I mentioned already + I’m only in guild playing the game.... my all friends stopped playing ... no enjoy , no help , no fun , no even amp bsssss...
  6. It’s dead! Already .... both sides same ... you can’t buy what you need .... you can’t sell what you get drops ... so believe it or not ... that game is already over!
  7. Thank you ... I hope I would make me happy ... the rest of you ... you can see it on the section mentioned above ...
  8. The rarest costume of warspear ... viltrim on US - Sapphire (elven side) is needed to be sold... Posting some pics of costume so if you can buy a costume that worths it’s weight in gold Then Contact me ... *caution* Prepare yourself! ( 2 ppl pmd me for this costume but never showed up again .. what a lie -_- ... so it’s still available... pm wlitpre us- sapphire - elven side if you can buy)
  9. Us-sapphire... elven side ... as far as I have seen ... only 2 viltrim costumes have dropped in Halloween event ... one got sold on event days but other is still here ... Which is needed to get sold ... yeah not a joke but true ... So if anyone wanna buy this costume ... contact me ! btw if you have guts to buy then contact me because this costume gonna cost a bomb ! Err ... yeh ... whoever is interested in this viltrim costume... it is waiting for you!
  10. Here It is Ardeh Inferno , which is made of lava rocks and flames of doom burn in its eyes, has arrived in the world of Arinar and ready to face the War of Spear!!! Everyone ! Good luck Amorrah lv 24 US - Sapphire
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