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  1. Here It is Ardeh Inferno , which is made of lava rocks and flames of doom burn in its eyes, has arrived in the world of Arinar and ready to face the War of Spear!!! Everyone ! Good luck 👍 Amorrah lv 24 US - Sapphire
  2. Well who is agree with some weaker who thinks himself strongest one , doesn’t matter ... you are right as bosses are always being farmed by some stupid +10 ppl who don’t even inv other players nor let them kill once (I can mention names but I prefer not to mention) and dgs if hard yeh ppl gonna see dmg n kick out of party if less , then there won’t be any way left to enjoy the game n make a character better ... The idea of that player was really really bad and wasn’t a good solution ... Anyway, devs make the game balanced for every players , players are thankful to them for fixing the most of the problems...
  3. LiLeagle

    Beginner Advice for New Players ! (Guide).

    Help me 😥 I just wanna know how to report the person in game who is misbehaving and including something that should not be in game ( religion stuff) .... Everyone has to respect others religion ...
  4. Cmon ! this year anniversary event is only for high lvl and amped players ... Can be said now only for the ones who have full reputation of techno dungeon only because nobody can go for termitary even rotten garden ... People full reputation + high amped are the ones who are getting drops and the rest of them not even enjoying .... Im really missing double events anniversary and I wish next event good for all lvl players
  5. I totally agree ...people look for good amped players for both dgs & bosses... hopefully some of players like us get a apportunity ... what’s more ... just lvl 20+ ... not fair really ... can’t play with low lvls Cz nothing interesting to do with them .. I wish next birthday we get Halloween & winter events back because at least all lvl players enjoy event yet drop rare * ah doesn’t matter * ... still a lil chance I can wait for ... new update introduce one more new boss/dg for lvl 10 - 18 🤪
  6. 😥no celebration for low lvls ... where the babies would go
  7. Seems warspear update has something that gonna destroy our devices that’s why AppStore taking care of our devices by not giving us update
  8. Wait wait wait ... IOS and windows phone players ... 😀 it’s like already 4 days I guess ... and more days are ahead to wait 😀 R.I.P. book event week ... but please no need repairs & teleport scrolls after waiting that long ... these are not a gift just waste of time because they are just 1-3 pcs omg 😆
  9. Hi .. solo dungeons are nice but there is a bug spawner.. why it’s so dam hard to kill spawner? There is got to be a way to kill it ... please I need to know it .. help me make it better and easy to kill thanks... anyway whoever told about Druid using stun on crystals doesn’t work -_- devs should work on spawner!
  10. LiLeagle

    Rakshax [US - Sapphire]

    Cutest card I have seen so far. The poem is lovely too. Good luck Rakshax !