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  1. not true i can show u 20%+ resi and 13% dodgeand ffs its quake not quack
  2. thing known as dodge ring with dodge rune :bomb: my druid get 36% dodge vs shaman
  3. druid rock ♥♥♥♥ you all ♥♥♥♥ing use dodge on druid vs shaman and 3 vs 3 eq try it yasir it sucks :facepalm: druid way op than shaman i got both class and high lvl u talking about crit on eq? try getting a ducking crit vs 22.7% resi
  4. this from idk whn did with bia ;D
  5. roseblade

    You owe us.

    he is the fish u caught ;)
  6. roseblade

    You owe us.

    ducking epic broo :lol:
  7. started collecting some ss of this coward run 1 vs 1 come with army :aggressive:
  8. roseblade


    i had 2hrs before update at pvp area chat dont ask why :rofl: now party chat maybe 1min max
  9. meanwhile doing shadows with 4mc :blush: thanx bia :give_rose:
  10. go die :facepalm: post a ss with broken staff :wacko:
  11. jay i remember u told me whn u see a +10 u call them rich mcoin buyer so ur also :lol: and dont give shit u sold items and got +10 coz i know alot ppl who did that u still called them rich mcoin buyers :facepalm:
  12. lucky week sell eu/mc side :blush:
  13. lol i also went farm bg today :tease: got heal ring dint ss ;D
  14. went kill genie for cl then 3 mc blocked genie for 40-50min :lol: 3kills then 4th res 2pt elf came xD
  15. sell trade eu elf side pm :blush: nubrose or forum xD
  16. just a pro crit from eq saw today :blush:
  17. sell eu mc side pm forum or nubrose
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