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  1. good luck noob :'( cya around will miss ya in guild raid etc ._. and best of luck in new guild :give_rose:
  2. welcome agu :friends: and jay do it xD
  3. Amitabh Bachchan* ffs go die
  4. as far i know u guys run whn u see us 1 vs 1 or ur partner dead u never come in alone in mc land always in 1-2pt so better keep ur mouth shut
  5. lol @ 2nd pic he alone and can see dharm almost dead + u 50% hp
  6. elf always sell expencive then mc :facepalm:
  7. he gay want rondel more than blade
  8. letme find the ss where u said u dont care if she got bf
  9. dint forget dont wanna post all
  10. bro prob u will get spam from jamie now
  11. sell :shout: eu mc side pm forum or game nubrose
  12. k after u gimme 1m ::) 1m for u
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