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  1. why hide name whn :facepalm: :facepalm:
  2. ffs i was afk while u tell him i give him gold duck you :bomb:
  3. sell pm here in forum ;D eu mc side
  4. dark circle -> fear crossing ._.
  5. lock can kill mage with more than 215hp ._.
  6. went sleep 5:30am woke up 6:30pm
  7. sms blocked credit card on limit fml xD
  8. i could come if those stairs are free xD pots ftw :dirol:
  9. target sighted comming hunt :crazy:
  10. root him if cant dont follow let him come to u root atk and kite him1 vs 1 in druid vs lock warlock will lose for sure druid got 4% dark def and use resi even after warlock combo a good lvl20 druid got 1.5 - 2k hp left + heal enuf to kill warlock
  11. that helm was for metalteast u dont know so keep ur mouth shut ;) and i dint left for that reason won reply any about this in here
  12. :facepalm: lie wtf dont know why u getting it out here and just for ur info my bd was done dd set lone before u joined wog :facepalm: u can go lie somewher else i left wog for some other reason dont think i need to tell it to u
  13. nope i dint used bd much
  14. ur posting in abc topic and im a member of that guild + cross and span my friends and going mc was my choise nothing related to u
  15. he is not a scammer and not even weak i remember him kicking ur ass hard whn he had his gear and still is strong lets see how would u be if u lost all ur gear + u was the one using his account to kill elf etc :facepalm: span dont ask help to gang u he will atk u alone also i saw many times coz i was in pt with him whn he atk u even if i dint help , u keep shout at allice chat to kill mc in pvp cave :facepalm:
  16. also those sick dq/swamps sometime twice a day :drinks:
  17. yes for dark wick and liq dont know rest much
  18. removed it after 2mins want me repost?
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