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  1. Lifeless blockers? ur saying that we always ther to block lol it was just he saw mc while he was passing or questing and killed u all thats what a mc will do if saw a elf try kill them and then u came insult him in world chat :facepalm: after that only he started blocking
  2. what does guild need to anything anyway elf dont let us do cl ever always blocking mc did it today :facepalm: simple fact elf dont let us do cl and we dont let them also
  3. elf block stairs all day/night whats wrong if we block elf for cl?
  4. Tbh we should first reconsider those old apply in abc mecha sure skill player/old and nice guy but still ther are also alot ppl who apply before and are good friends of many ppl
  5. Phat should be also but we are not doing 5 yes and in abc anymore
  6. rest need to know them well proband Wb phatty :blush:
  7. good thing no ranger in eu has it ._. except low lvl
  8. :facepalm: lvl9 and lvl13 stave look same
  9. yes to xmichelle dunno cindyy much and pandey yes from me and afk part leav it mom/dad calls i go xd
  10. simple she love girls and boys
  11. ya sure blind/circle/fear combo 1 and nuke other :facepalm: nice 1 vs 1
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