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  1. So i was testing out shaman tribal's ritual skill and i noticed that ws maths is kinda off without skill im at 14.4% cooldown and my blind is at 13.1sec which is wrong already it should be 12.8 , but later when i used skill it boost me to 44.4% cooldown and my blind was 10.3 it should be 8.3 sec . 

    Other skills are with cooldown skills

    lighiting ball  4.8 > 3.8

    heal  6.9 > 5.6
    earthquake 10.3 > 8.3
    earth protect 9.6 >7.8
    lighting shield 62.3 > 50
    fire totem 27.6 > 22.2
    tribal's ritual 20.7 > 16.7
    energy field 34.6 > 27.8


  2. 3 sec is quite good and thats only on blind and earth, totem goes from 40 secs to 30 and shield about 20 secs less u just need to learn use those skills test out and try make them if u dont like them just go 3/4 totem 3/4 shield i find shaman skills good but bit unfair vs casters

  3. 3/4 cooldown is 25% and 5% from staff if u use cooldown one its 30% and like 3sec on blind which did help me alot of times


    vs druid ik its unfair with that sleep also hate it but u can kill druids 

  4. shaman is not noob his skills are mostly for support and dungs not pvp but u can use them for pvps too like cooldown to kite aster blind and earth quake u can use faster with them also shaman mana regen skill vs priest is nice and some druid 

  5. Well, that's enough for votes for now.

    Doubt anyone else cares since they are inactive.

    Don't want to make you wait a long time like everyone does due to inactiveness and not nuff votes, but since you are Shit-worthy and close with all current actives you are in.


    Welcome to the most cray yet super inactive guild evar.


    Also for Pandey, you can join group. It doesn't even seem like an ABC chat group anymore, just a funny spam group which only has ABC members in it.


    what about only females allowed?
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