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  1. Well technically neither, that is only a visual glitch, I actually own -147 miracle coins.If I try to buy anything, it says I don't have enough coins. There is something seriously broken on my account
  2. Necro weak in arena if not arena build and eq., rangers kill me
  3. Priest uses so much mana and it has many"Quest isn't found" guests, so those were propably the reasons why I stopped playing priest at lv10. Now it is only my scout on elf side.
  4. Ranger is op in arena after it reaches lv 10. I was in arena with my lv9 rogue and got another lv10 rogue as partner. Opponents were lv10 ranger and bladedancer. The bladedancer was afk or something, and ranger was there alone. And he freaking won! He had 200dmg and with blessing that was just too powerfull. He killed me first and trapped my partner. That was it, no more damage to ranger was done and easy wictory for him. You guys say ranger is weak, but my worst opponents have allways been rangers, and elf side is every way op comparec to mc's.
  5. Rexej

    Norlant Swamps

    Small level players must be rich and stun opposite faction players ASAP to succeed, because all of them kill u if you are weak. Healers may be good agaisn't enemies, but melee classes rape them before they have time to heal. Being lv 20 druid in swamp is easy, because nobody attacks you because they don't want to die.
  6. Rexej

    Norlant Swamps

    Not all bosses are useless, A.A still drops lvl 15 rings, but I have seen none in swamps
  7. MC/Forsaken 13.10.2012 Hyarvard - Light shamans camp (Bitter ashes island(north of W.caravan))
  8. Weeee works now! :yahoo: However, the problem was that my computer blocked it as a threat, don´t know why...
  9. Don´t know if there is a topic about this subject, but I have problems installing warspear 3.1.1 on my Windows 7. Here is a screenshot of it. If I just continue, I don´t have the Warspear.exe-file. Unistall.exe doesn´t work either. Can someone please help? (the language in the buttons is finnish, they just mean "abort", "try again" and "skip")
  10. Awesome update! Everybody complains that this island is hard, but did everybody think that getting high level gear would be easy? And the high ammount of good loot is because so many players do these guests, so of course it is easies to think that gettin good loot is easy. Nobody actually sells those useless items they get, only the good ones are being sold, so everybody keeps them unlucky, even thought they are just like the most of us
  11. I have fuond that blue guest have a chage to give higher lvl gear than yellow, yellows best is mainly lv15 and blues lv18
  12. People are complaining, but imo it was not suprising to get this kind of update. Did everybody think they would get lv18 gear just like that, withour having to do anything? It is still easier to get money and stuff than by hunting.
  13. What amulet are you using? Everyone has it, and it looks like the lvl 15 amulet in nadir-shop
  14. Voted yes, but greatly against lootshare or something like that. It just would do harm to the economy of warspear. I think clan should be a group somewhere between friends and party, whit a clan chat, but not a solid party which you can't leave if you are doing something else
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