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  1. yes, they also bann you if someone hack your account. that is what happen to me. someone hacked my account. i asked aigrind if they could help me out, they banned and that was it. never got my account back.
  2. why do we have this war thingy? it's one faction dominating, in EU it's elves, they are way to many, it feels like 100 mc vs 1000 elves normal the war ends under 2 minuts. and please fix class balance! elves heal and make to much damage! just remove the war in EU server,it's not fun or exciting if we loosing everytime.
  3. foxyerik

    Bots in WS?

    thank you Tood for understanding me at least.
  4. foxyerik

    Bots in WS?

    Dear kiddo, he is killing same npc at same location, it's alot of fairys in that area, but he always killing one fairy, over and over again, for a very long time. i could sometime recording it if you want have something to watch, tho i need a recorder to doit and i dunno wat to use. a normal player would kill so many fairys as possible to earn most gold in hour, but he kill one fairy, and i guess it's because he don't want to die. his bot are not that clever but i can make sure it's a bot he is using time to time, he is probably using it when he is doing something else. the problem is that if we don't post or report this kind of things, and aigrind don't look up with players, we will see alot more bots, and that means the economy in the server you are playing at (im EU) will get crashed more players farming gold, and im talking about bots, they could run for days you know, the only thing that stops a bot is a new patch or update. the bot need to be updated. i hope you see the fully point right now, i do not need any evidence that he is boting, i just need report him, and aigrind should be able to look up if he is boting or not. like a player want evidence but i could record if you give me a good recorder, then you can see it yourself whatsup. i've only seen one players that moves and react like a bot, and that is Simonyo, i don't even know who he is so i cannot hate that player. but i do not like him if i really have right he is boting, and im very sure that he is boting. Bots are not hard to make, i could easy make one for myself, i used to make bots for a game called "Runescape" ( for fun).
  5. foxyerik

    Bots in WS?

    if you really love the game so much, stop boting.
  6. foxyerik

    Bots in WS?

    how do you know it's a he? and how do you actully prove someone is boting? only aigrind can actully figure that out because they got stats over the players. so you totaly failed there kiddo. i report player that i belive is boting, im not the one who is going say bann him/she because i got evidence. i report because then aigrind decides to check with that player if he is boting or it's totaly legit player.
  7. foxyerik

    Bots in WS?

    is it only me who notice players are in same location everytime you visit that area, and when you trying trade with them they decline in a split second? i actully belive we start getting bots in this game, this means gold is coming into the game that shouldn't be there, and give a negative influense* of the economy. the first example i found is Simonyo, he is killing fairy in the new questing island (newest content).
  8. May i ask when you are saying similiar in the russian section, what do you mean with that? we both used paint?
  9. Dear Peter, i can make sure it's not a penis. it might look like a penis, and that was the point but it's not a penis. i mean if it's was actully a penis i would change her skill into "RIP Penis" when she goes to all male heroes and rip those penis and they get a debuff on 50 bleed damage every 5 second. Tho i laughed when i saw your comment How do you guys contact with the winners? and how many days do have the winners to get there prizes before you pick next winner? Didn't see R0land said how you guys contact us, is it by posting on our boss post that player won that prize and ect ect? Thanks.
  10. oh, that is just a purple sword you know, my fantasy Nothing dirty ^^
  11. Boss name: Corrupted Villen . Boss map and skills: the floor should be stones that can turn into diffrent colors. i got inspired by old resist we had with dark, fire, moon. Fire (color; red) makes the one who standing in the red area take DoT (damge over time) for 6 seconds, proc every 2 seconds. This happens every 45 seconds, and the party have to move away from the stones, players have exatly 10 seconds to move away from the flashing red stones. Dark (Color; dark green, kinda feel like corrupted green) take control over the player, the player start attack on the teammates, to remove this corrupt the one who make most damage have to switch target and attack the player got corrupted until it have 50% health left, then the corruption removes. all stones turn into green and who is going be the one who get corrupt is random, 3-4 players can only be corrupted and this happens everytime the boss reach 75%-50%25% health in first wave. MoonPenguins debuff all players by 20% less damage and 10% incrased damage taken, so you have to kill the Moon Penguins as fastest as you can. They also incrase Corrupted Villen Armour againts Magic and Pshycal by 35%. Moon Penguins spawns every 20-25 second. Corrupted Villen are Melee class, so the tankers can actully move her from the red stones, she has a skill calls for "flicker strike" that she backstab a random Shaman, Warlock, Necromance, Ranger, Druid, Priest and Mage. This cannot be avoided. This happens every 30 second. She has a skill calls for "Bouncy Sword", what it does she throw it on her first target, probably the tanker, then it random bouncy 4 other players, total 5 players getting hited by it. When she has 40% left of her HP she turn into enrage (she turn into red and dark from green and dark) and she gets a new skill/ability when she use her blade and spin around for 7 seconds, she also get a perment 20% incrase attack speed but 5% less damage. the skill "bladefury" happens every 60 seconds but the enrage is always active after she reach 40% HP. She is dealing Pshyical damage but the Moon Penguins dealing Magic damage. Drop; 100% chanse to obtain custome, it will show that you actully beated her, you can be in town and everone will know that you are really good PvE player. You have to at least make 1 damage on her to recive the drop, if you die it resets and u have to hit her again. the boss gains 200k hp every player are in the room, it could be maxium 25 players in the room = 5 partys. The story behind Corrupt Villen; Villen was a rouge (like the class), she enter to Nadir-Sard, she got spotted by a handsome warlock, the warlock offer her insane power and endless life exchange for her blood. Villen accepted offer and the Warlock corrupted her, she took one of the boats in Nadir-Sard and sailed to Ayvondil.
  12. market is nice but we have bugs on android when 2.10 realse. fix it. its crashing for ous. :'(
  13. 1v1 should come ;) and i can ask onother ppl battle so can i show my skills 8) srry for bad ENG :(
  14. i hit max 561 at lvl 10. 18% crit :blush:
  15. but im lvl 10 and have 17,5% dodge, 18%crit and 1172def :'( :shok: but ranged is awsome to. just look, the can do dubel hit :yahoo:
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