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  1. Gostaria de enfatizar uma habilidade muitas vezes ignorada e até mesmo ridicularizada pelas pessoas: O Rato. O Rato é bom. Não para pvp, não para pve, mas para gvg. Com uma build magica, tacando meteoro e surra, mantendo olho de aguia e couro ativos o que mais você faz? Solta o rato. O alcance do rato é enorme, da um dano bom (o meu 4/4 crita quase 1k cada hit), acerta multiplos alvos no caminho e quase sempre deixa o debuff que reduz muito acerto e recarga. Sua guilda agradecerá.
  2. Great news! When is this going live? I have other requests like: - Creation of gear pre-sets so we can quickly swap gear when we need. - Allow key-binding the extra actionbar for PC. (the one with 5 slots) - Also add an option to make it always visible. - Allow more management mechanisms on guild menu administration like - last time member was online, etc. - Creation of raid groups of 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 -etc people with mapping location for each member for easier tracking during castle battles, wars, etc. Also be mandatory person be in a raid group to join castle battles, gvgs, etc. - Dual specd possibility to have two different skill builds which can be changed anytime.
  4. Maybe for a tank it doesn't make much difference but for a rogue like me, without defensive buffs like other classes, yes they are.
  5. Prevously i was able to solo every mini boss (e.g. golden bull) on map4 t4 with my rogue now they crit a lot and the dmg is huge due to the mobs penetration.
  6. For god sake mobs are hitting too HARD, nerf them a little bit.
  7. Rogue's Extermination 4/4 is still 14 seconds long and not 18 seconds as it says. Will it be fixed?
  8. Try to use a different device. Seems like it was an server issue.
  9. My account was blocked too I think it was some kind of server issue. Support????
  10. Totally agree with Urscrewed. Dispise the fact that few mechanics require positioning, even when it is the case, the positioning is screwed by screen/graphic delays and bugs.
  11. Questions: is this build still valid today? How does ricochet dmg compares to jump in single target? Sinister strike debuff applies to all party meaning all party will deal 35% dmg? Sorry the bad english and noobish questions..
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