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    Oopot got a reaction from Speedom in Level 6 Arena Charmer Skill Build   
    put all points either on stun or dog .-.
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    Oopot got a reaction from Akasha in A small suggestion for population   
    Why not to make the game available through facebook ?
    at the moment you can find it then send it to the phone.
    but as it's already available at computer devices why not to make it available through facebook directly ??
    i myself when i find games at facebook that made me interested in it then find hat i have to send it to my mobile phone i just don't send it and go to find another one .-.
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    Oopot reacted to SymbX in Mind of Warspear [Knowledge Base]   
    Updated to 7.10.0 ūüôā
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    Oopot reacted to Winter in Costume Achievements & Storage   
    I'll try to keep this short and simple
    Add a gender parameter for all costumes (this already exists, example medal costumes) Costumes such as Spawn, Engineer wouldn't have defined genders and would count as costumes, all other "costumes" would be clothes Achievements for clothes would have 3 tiers example, collect 10, collect 50, collect 100 or what have you Achievements for costumes would be similar to clothes Separate achievements for raid boss costumes can be added as Mythical achievements An achievement for costume collector can be added for anyone obsessed with owning them all While on the topic this should be applied to smilies also A separate inventory for outfits should be made when you click Menu > Character > Outfits Outfit inventory slots expandable through Mcoin items  
    That is all and for the love of all that's holy please add a bank/locker system 
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    Oopot got a reaction from Peony in [2019.03.06] Warspear Online 7.10: The Pirate Putsch. Preview   
    great event from great devs¬†ūüĎć
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    Oopot got a reaction from Gladiator in Skillt builde   
    i copied this from gladiator from what i know he is the best paladin at the forum 
    Where do we start..
    For PvP, I prefer 1 handed physical damage build, it deals a lot of single target damage and has more stuns, combine it with horror accessories and skyfire rings, perfect. If you can't afford horror accessories then just get craft magic stuff, it will give you more AoE damage and heals, also you can use it for 2handed magic build if you get both. The problem with 1 handed is that you need to have high amp to shine with high ferocity.
    With lower amp, full magic 2h works better, and if you wanna make 2handed, then make it full magic, but its downs is that you will be weak defensively and lack 1 stun skill, you will deal a lot of AoE damage and with good criticals, you can heal 2k+. Also enchant the hammer with magic, not ferocity, because it is only worth after +8.
    And for skill builds:
    Max fetters and heal, 3/5 purifying if 1h or 3/5 aura if 2h. 
    Max Banner and Call if 2h, 3 Banner 3 Call 3 shield strike if 1h.ÔĽŅ
    Though m not regular on forum, so i'll be sharing with you some details that every pala must know. It won't be long. Also, this setup would provide average amped palas a decent game experience. So have look 
    Exp skills I would prefer 
    Banner, Sunseal, Illumination, Defbuff (forgot name), Harads Call, Repellent strike.
    For PvE: 
    * 1 hand mode always better due to sunseal and repellent strike combo and high defs.
    * Magic pala always better than physical as pala's most skills magic oriented.
    * For PvE I would prefer to max fetter , aura, banner, 3/5 agroo. 
    For PvP: 
    * As I said... magic always a positive catalyst for pally's. The fact that banner gives very high dmg and most players have low MagicDefence as compared to PDef... More Magic is always sweet. 
    * 1hand mode would be awesome as you get three stuns. Even if you are +6+7 , this setup will do miracles. 
    * Purification max, Fetter Max, banner max, Repellent strike 3/4, harads call 2/4, Rest Aura or Heal ( or agro 3/5 if u want your pally to be PVP and pve both)
    Some imp points:
    * Always choose Health bonus over Def bonus as your seal+strike combo depends on it.
    * Illumination have a range, use it wisely. 
    * 2 handed pala experience is fun...try it. 
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    Oopot reacted to Reivenorik in Copyright   
    Yes, this will be enough)
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    Oopot reacted to Heredurian in Guide for new necros, way how to become master.   
      I know how hard it is to play as a necro, because everything you do cost hp. It's annoying and frustrating, but if you know how to play it, you can be one of the best necros. So here i want to help you learn something about being necro. Ofc I am not the best necro like Mendel or Sixdog, but I will try my best.
    Before we start remember:  1. You are healer
                                                 2. You are support class, which means let tanks tank, your job is to keep them alive (whenever you get into pt for anything)
    So let's start!
    1. Level 1-13 (map 1)
      Try not to buy anything, you will get everything from quests.
    About skills
      There are many ways how you can build your skills depends on you, but let's talk about skills build how easily get through map 1 and map 2.
    Poison splittle - deals damage, in combination with deathly eye opponent gets poisoned Deathly eye - reduces health points and magic defense Nightmares - stun opponent, any dmg dealt to opponent cancel effect Bone shield - make around you shield and for a time you can't receive any dmg, it have limit for reduced damage Ancient seal - healing skill, cost health and it is instant  
      I recommend to make this build:
    Poison splittle - 1/5  
    Deathly eye -     1/5
    Nightmares -     1/5
    Bone shield -     5/5
    Ancient seal -    4/5
     Start with levelling Bone shield (shield) and then Ancient seal (heal). Words that are in brackets, am gonna use them, so i don't need too write always Bone shield and Ancient seal.
    Why? Because when you start most of mobs can't destroy your shield, it last before they can destroy it, and you heal enough so you don't die either. Later you can effectively solo most of these 2 maps without pt, ofc with bosses you will definitely need help.
    So that's for first stage, map 1.
    2. Level 13-20 (map 2 + Norlant Swamps)
    Map 2 (Ilsernort) is more difficult, so expect to call a lot for help in wc (world chat). There are many bosses (30-40K hp) and if you're not going to buy mcoins (miracle coins) you are going to definitely need help with them. With level 18 comes expert skills, in this part I will talk about build and gear combinations.
    So let's start!
    Don't buy any gear until you become level 18. Why? Because you're gonna waste your money for that and because you need money for expert skills and later amplifying your gear to +6 - +8, So you can survive map 4 (Ayvondil).
    On level 14 make your heal on max. Because necros are healers.
    On level 16 decide what necro you want to be 1. Party support heal (pve), then level Deathly eye, it reduces a lot bosses hp.
                                                                               2. More pvp one, level your Nightmares (stun), in pvp it can save your life.
    On level 18 purchase Poisonuous shield expert skill, always good combination with Acid rain. Keep lvling that basic skill you decided on lv 16.
    On level 20 purchase Acid rain, it deals dmg and with combination with Poisonuous shield it heals too. Like a second heal skill and in pt it can slow down mobs so tank can go. On level 20 you get 2 skill points, so you can use them to make Poisonuous shield on 3/4. On 3/4 it last at same time as Acid rain on 1/4.
    Good combination is Star Wisdom set for health points and later when reach level 21 try get Kronus (Forefather of dragons) set for more health points. Health points are for necros very important together with cooldown and critical chance.
    About staff, on level 18 probably Spellbation of Life, which have lifesteal and another stat (idk what stat now).
    About rings you can craft Skyfire ones or you can wait till level 22 and then you can buy Rings of Captivating Illusions,they have hp with magical damage. Which gives you even more health points. About cloak, try to find one with mana regeneration and even better would be with magic defense stat. About accesories at all best ones you can get from Halloween event, cause they have lifesteal. They allow you to fully focus on healing tank and other members of pt instead of healing yourself.
    If you dont want to stay on lvl 20, then you dont need to amplify your gear higher than +6 - +8.
    3. Level 20-28 (map 4 - Ayvondil)
    Map 4 (Ayvondil) is very hard if you're doing it solo, best would be do it with tank. Bosses hp start from (17K - 500K),if we count dgs in it, T1 you can solo pretty soon,+ just need to have min. heal 800 + 200 heal from combo Acid rain + Poisonuous shield. That would be around lvl 22 -24. From all towns I like T1 pretty much, because it is easier than other towns, especially than T2. T2 is not hard like there are hard bosses or quests, just mobs and dgs are specialized in magic dmg. So they deal higher dmg to you, which makes it hard to solo. Dg easy in T2 is pretty annoying dg, so remember when you start with it. T3 and T4 are nice towns and a lot ppl can help you with quests, but in T3 you will need to get through Bazilisk with 10K +-hp and pretty high dmg and only questors can help you, another reason to do this map with someone.
     Now am gonna talk about some PvE builds, because idk much abou PvP builds. If anyone know about PvP builds let me know, so I can add it here.
    1. Dungeon build
      Poison splittle - 1/5                                    Dark power                                        4/4                             Dark power is always good, cause its pt skill. It increase dmg.
      Deathly eye -     5/5                                    Mental pit                                           4/4                             Mental pit is useful for final boss in dg. It decrease cd and dmg.
      Nightmares -     1/5                                    Infection                                             1/4
      Bone shield -     3/5                                    Acid rain                                             1/4                             It is for pulling tank from mobs.
      Ancient seal -    5/5                                    Ressurection/ Poisonuous shield    1/4
                                                                           Fateful connection                            1/4
    2. Solo boss build
      Poison splittle - 1/5                                    Dark power                                        3/4                             Dark power is always good, cause its pt skill. It increase dmg.
      Deathly eye -     1/5                                    Mental pit                                           3/4                             Mental pit is useful for final boss in dg. It decrease cd and dmg.
      Nightmares -     5/5                                    Infection                                             1/4
      Bone shield -     3/5                                    Acid rain                                             1/4                               
      Ancient seal -    5/5                                    Panic                                                   1/4
                                                                           Poisonuous shield                             3/4                            Depends on your mdmg but if heal around 1K+ hp on 3/4 in combo.
    3. PvP build ( It's only my guess, fix me if I'm wrong)
      Poison splittle - 1/5                                    Dark power                                        1/4                             Dark power is always good, cause it increase dmg.
      Deathly eye -     1/5                                    Mental pit                                           4/4                             Mental pit is useful for stopping opponents skills in PvP.
                                                                                                                                                                          It decrease cd and dmg.
      Nightmares -     5/5                                    Infection                                             1/4
      Bone shield -     3/5                                    Acid rain                                             1/4                             Good for keeping distance between you and opponent.
      Ancient seal -    5/5                                    Panic                                                   4/4                             Panic is good from keeping opponent from you.
                                                                           Poisonuous shield                             1/4                             It's useful when you PvP with rogue, it detects rogue before it attack.
    Let's talk about gear. Good combination would be Hp set from Technopolis Mythical dungeon with craft gear and horror accesories (Halloween). That's first option. Second would be full crafted gear and horror/craft accesories. Third option is probably Winter set gear with maxed cd and horror/hp crafted accesories. About staffs, good is crafted one with critical chance and cooldown with penetration, but now when comes out lv 28 staffs, the best would be lv 28 lifesteal staff with cooldown and critical chance from Halloween event. Belts are always hard to find but, now when we can craft it, I suppose crafted ones are the best or winter ones, they're good too, critical chance with hp.
    If any pro necro find any mistake or idea, let me know.
    That's pretty all everything I know about necros. So hopefully it helps.
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    Oopot got a reaction from Cardinal in Important Update 7.7 Opinion kkkkkk : )   

    you from legion side complaining about that elfs are op now ? elfs do the same xD 
    paladin : heal 2k ? there are some dk heal from 1k to 4k in 1 skill with 14 seconds cd i think it's fair here 
    mage : is the hardest class to play so it has to be op at high lvls or no one will ever give him a chance noob at low lvl and noob at high lvls ? exactly like warlocks but the difference is that warlocks at high lvls are pvp gods and mages at high lvls are pve gods i accept it 
    idk what is explorer aaa xD 

    priests : they are the holy heal debuffer character for elfs as shaman for mcs .-. shaman have 8 support skills and 5 normal skills .-. 2 of the 5 are stun xDD 
    i didn't get what you are saying about barbs ..
    deathknights : let's come to the most broken class in the game and you say why they nerfed it hmm, let's answer this question together .. cuz it's the strongest class in the game .. maybe this is the only class that can defeat warlock in 1 vs 1 xD 
    necros and priest new skill resuraction  i think it's fair to rebirth 1 person only and with low hp .-. you are a healer just resuract him and heal and everything is good why you are complaining about health while you are a healer .-. everybody said that before if you want to heal yourself use health steal xD you have acid rain you can regen a big amount of health in 1 skill 
    shaman hmm. my main class i really didn't like the new skill idea.. overall if the debuff decreases the speed like the new hunter( or ranger i am not sure which one have got trap xD ) trap it would be cool but no. like this it's useless i don't think anybody will use it
    rogue :  it's a good skill for 1 hit kill xD okay okay it's a bit stupid skill xD 
    charmer : my 2nd main character .-. the charmer was created to be able to be everything but not as good as the main .. didn't get it hah ? it's a healer but not as good as shaman. it's a tank but not as good as dk. its a solo character .-.
    warlock : always had a problem with the healing and now i think it's a bit balanced for the war god 
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    Oopot reacted to blacknia in Important Update 7.7 Opinion kkkkkk : )   
    elf cry about stun skills 
    mc cry about damage skills
  11. Haha
    Oopot got a reaction from Avamanyar in my opinion. the game is not going to die   
    I see alot of players say ** THE game is going to die **
    from my opinion the game is still so cool and funny

    you know that any game`s devs ever will not complete programming and designing a game that don`t give them money

    so we must wait on the p2w method until they see that they have to give f2p people some help

    HOW TO IMPROVE THE GAME ( from my opinion too )
    reduce first islands walking quests and change it with some fighting quests ( that will make the game much less boring for new players )

    2. balance the first islands drops as `` melvindel have a mob that give the players some drops costs 3 and 8 gold `` while best forsaken drops is 4 gold ( no items give more than 1 gold ) 

    3. increase dungeon drop gear rate ( the market will be much more active and new players won`t have hard time trying to get gear )

    4. decrease and increase the market fee as the price of the items you are selling ( ethereal essence cost 20k. if you sell it 20k you will just get 18k. while selling 200 cost item give you 180 -_- . )

    5. when the game prints ( Join every day for free guild points ) also say ( join our forum on www.example.com ) and that will help people a lot and increase the forum activity

    6. change the stamina recollect time to 4.5/h which will make you play dungeons 5 time a day. what will make game population much higher

    7. old events designs was so cool so you can use it at current events and change ( mobs, drops, quests, dailies, and put some new things on the map) 

    8. nerf the op classes to make some balance and let players play all the classes not only op ones ( blade dancers, barbarians , druids .) 

    9. make leveling up rewards which will let new players have interesting while leveling up ( i always stay at medium levels becouse there is nothing tell me level up and take me xD )

    10. if you have any other suggetion send it to me and i will put it in this topic and hope the devs do it ^_^  
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