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  1. Yes, this is the first time it happened Server is EU-Emerald, time was around 6:50PM CEST
  2. We were spamming Hard TT for reputation and we killed all mobs but the quest says one mob is 5/6 and portal not open. This has to be a bug.
  3. BiggFan

    Outdated Shaman

    Thank you for your reply! One more question, is there a max % of critical damage that you can get? With the new Tribe's Ritual changes, with Level 9 Passive Guild Skill and Mermen Gear, it would be helpful to know if there was max % of that stat!
  4. BiggFan

    Outdated Shaman

    Hi there! I'm Biggfan! I play on EU-Emerald and I was wondering if there is any plans to update Shaman skill descriptions. Some skills give some info, some almost nothing about the skill power or duration, like the Earth Protection. And one more thing! Do you have plans to enable Shaman to stack Mermen Gear stacks from enemies from more sources? Currently, only way to get Mermen Gear stacks are from Ball Lightning and Lightning Blast. And with Spring solo dungeons on the way, he will feel weak compared to other classes. Thank you for your time!
  5. This is really a shame. This guild was the best guild on EU-Emerald. I haven't been in Delicious long, but I quickly realised this guild was not just a guild. It was a family. Everyone was helpful, no drama, no anything. We were helpful to everyone outside guild, and it keeps me wondering why would anyone do something like this. And I really feel sorry for all of Delicious members, especially Itzblaack, who put his heart and soul into this guild to make it perfect for us. And he did. I really hope this can be resolved so we can be that family again. We'll come back stronger than ever. #SaveDelicious
  6. I already made a ticket about this, but I was recording my screen so you can see what was going on in that moment... vlc-record-2020-09-14-21h09m34s-2020-09-14 19-42-54.flv-.mp4
  7. So basically, I don't know if this is a coincidence or not, but when some random guy traded me 1 gold, my internet started dying. So far my account hasn't been touched but maybe he got my email and password. If there is anything you can say to help me, that would be greatly appreciated.
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