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    I know a friend who buys mc coins using russian vpn for 1 year, every month he buys Mcoins and he is in Brazil, didn't get any ban, a lot of ppl do that in the Portuguese server, A LOT, and i never seen one of them getting banned. This makes me think im on the loosing side cuz i buy without vpn so i pay more to get less coins, if they're not banning ppl who do that for Years then why wouldn't i do that too?
  2. I agree with everything, dk needs a huge rework on its skills for the love of god the class is currently terrible when compared to any other tank
  3. Dk has life steal skill, it is meant to regenerate by doing damage so getting a full life steal build with accessories and runes would pay for the dk's lack of healing skills
  4. instead of having so many dmg skills based on magic dk should have more defensive skills or just more physical/hybrid skills, brbs can get strong with so little, when dks have to spend so much to get only decent
  5. dk need magic damage most of the dk skills are based on matk; MAGICAL ATK BASED SKILLS: PHYSICAL ATK BASED SKILLS: HYBRID SKILL (MAGIC OR PHYSICAL): so by this u can see how most of the dk atack skills are based on magic, in my opinion they should make dk a full magic tank or both, making all skills be hybrid
  6. they rly need to fix dk, it is very squishy when u compare to other tanks, wds and brbs feel like gods while dk has to struggle a lot to feel decent it is sad
  7. oh well i rly didnt know that, but maybe in the future it could change
  8. that's a nice idea i support
  9. I'm here to suggest putting a new skill bar(optional or not) above the main skill bar and letting us costumize the hotkeys for all bars(PC), that would be suck a game changer and make our life much easier cuz currently i dont have enough bars to put everything i use, i constantly have to open inventory and use items lol and that gets worse when we have event skills, TOO many skills cant fit in the current amount of bars we have plus items like HP and MP potions... This screenshot i attached is just to show me not having slots for everything and im not even a try hard player, imagine a hardcore player who likes to use all kinds of items plus skills to increse performance in pvp or whatever, like guild skills and stuff, there are not enough slots, add more pls aigrind
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