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  1. It is? :shok: I though its defined by rating. Eg. 3-6 7-10? Sorry then :sorry:
  2. When i was 7-10 arena two lvl 11 players gets in and kill us all. Today few minutes ago in arena 11-14 lvl 15 got in and how to beat sonene 3 lvls stronger? Please fix this error!!! :facepalm:
  3. What acctualy mean WSOPS?
  4. Yes thats actualy what am i saying :unknw:
  5. In reputation section you can see factions. Exam chaniles league -5000. What is that -5000 number. Can it be changed?... :pardon:
  6. But the problem than will be that you can choose partner. Exam in 15-18 you get lvl 15 partner and you can change till you get lvl 18 tank... :nea:
  7. Because i see many ppl loosing cause they have bad strategy i had to post this. 1. Always atack same person. The thing is that if you alone atack one person it takes time. But with your fried you can kill him in second and then slowly atack other one. This is good when you have few lvl stronger enemies if you have druid you can win 2. If you are out of health and you are druid/shaman just run and heal. You can win because of health... 3. Y U no atack?!?!. Goddamned why? I just get free arena an waste it because the other player didnt atacked. Why you even came to arena then? 4. If you are only bladedancer/barbarian you will die first. So just get in fight use all skills heavy wound enemy or kill it. Other player will defeat enemy and you win again. Best of luck...
  8. Nokia 5320 xpressmusic 70mb free ram memory while not playing. Little slower interet connection Client 2.8: Evereything is good but problem is that the game close somethimes while passing bettwen "places". Now its rare but before it wasnt rare....
  9. Trade chat conect many towns and islands. When i want to buy something I find it on chat and here is the problem. The other player which has item is few towns far from me. My sugestion is to make place/transporter and there you can come enter friends name and trade. And other sugestion is to make place/trader and that will work as this. I place item and price for sell, Someone else come and buy it. I come few hours later see what is sold and take my money....
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