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  1. i can only translate 3rd. 3) Nothing will be completed in two weeks
  2. Yes im understanding but devs will newer add something that ne hourly or alltime usage because they will not get enough money. Rich guys buy most pots and there they get much money. And about runes we do get them free and daily but we cant chose which runes we want. If we coud chose that will make fast and good weapon.
  3. Totaly agree with you they shoud add runes and crystals in shop
  4. No i think there shoudn't be any m.coins. Maybe 1k gold but not m.coins because again that will be free coins to high amped and potters most. :nea:
  5. Demvamko

    XP Skills

    Nice idea but not to be avaible in arena :spiteful:
  6. I disagre because rich/high amped/masters of game will always win and that will be like free little reward for buying m.coins
  7. not again. They must imbalance everything. Look at this. Devotion=Lot of energy=Lot of skill usage. Dark arow= usual stronger atack(ranger skill) Fear=enemy goes back(ranger skill) Siphon life=blessing(ranger skill)+healing Dark circle=improved trap(ranger skill) 100% gets in This is more overpowered than ranger
  8. In usual figh with stronger mobs when i use dodge (3points) nothing happens except mob start dodging. Nothing happens because my dodge is 15% then. Ok but why mob start dodging my atacks? Mobs please stop dodging and let me deal you critical hit.
  9. i hate u coz im trolling right now trololololol ;D
  10. i shoud do that lol :lol:
  11. Shoud aigrind add one more server (or separate other severs to not lose money) for rich peoples and disable m.shop in opher servers. Its realy anoying that they have amped weapons, hundreds of potions, best quipment etc.
  12. really? :shok: i didnt knew that.
  13. because you will get new weapons and armors every time you levelup and in this game leveling is fast till lvl 15. U will se that u wasted money
  14. yes he overreacted but he is right. Better improve balancing and skill. It will not take space and will make game better and still playable on phones. Better concetrate on making game more interesting not making it big for stupid visual adds.
  15. I get into arena with some shaman. And fight with some ranger and bladedancer. Waiting till i come criticaly close to use stealth so i can se who is fist target and deal skills atcks and other. Problem came when ranger started atcking me then i coudnt use stealh. I got killed before i coud use skills. After loosing fight that shaman started calling me noob and saying me to delete account blah blah blah. I mean only one mistake and all that. Why some people do this. They cant call me noob coz of one mistake.
  16. EU forsaken totaly... Too bad we need to create new characters :'(
  17. Demvamko

    No drop?

    You will not always get drops. Boss drops are rare.
  18. best idea :D this will keep us busy ;D
  19. Demvamko

    Amp System

    Im playing without m. Coins sms system is not working in my country. But you dont have to buy m. Coins to play.
  20. Demvamko

    Amp System

    why? :shok: its totally fine... :unknw:
  21. you re right maybe some of sugestions will be in 3.1 update coz they have almost completed 3.0
  22. I have idea. Make ingame arena competition. Special tickets will be used. There will be sign up till writen day. Arena will work as usual 2x2 and if you lose you must wait next date, if you win you go in next group. Do that over n over till only one group is winner. And then give them some suprise chest or something from m. Shop... ;D
  23. Yea that will be good but what if i cange my name contact someone and he dont know me... :facepalm:
  24. :nea: Well this is good idea but i disagree. Thing is if this things be added you will need more ram and room memory or better internet connection or maybe some of main features not avaible on phone. In my contry operaters dont give good internet connection for mobiles and some phone doesnt have so good ram and room memory and without features its realy anoying to play so... :nea:
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