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  1. This is where Im gonna post my own rhymes or artist' songs Modified to fit WS.This is just fot fun. Dont take any offense, not personal. Not serious. Just fun.feel free to join.

    Im joining coz im bored.

    But usually im playing a role

    of my ranger with low amped bow

    because my signs are failing.

    now im gathering spheres

    and also buying signs.

    and im bored of waiting

    and wasting my time.

    I started buying m coins

    it is like a crime

    i just cant stop

    its like taking drug

    but usualy im taking drops

    from killed mobs

    and after i sell it all

    to get some more gold

    i dont know what to do

    to go or where to be

    im just wondering thru lands

    the fun is dissapeared

    coz i have only few friends

    that help me and i help them

    to gain level as well.

    I could go like this forever

    and i know this song is bad

    but here i will stop and just go away.

  2. 1. Quest in elf side is easier2. Ranger can kill mob 3x faster3. 1st island map in elf side is smaller4. BG is closer from camp riff5. Market is placed to right position near elf nadir gate, not in middle6. Elfs have two range class, more advantage7. Druid has extra skill for hunt (bees), that shaman only heal and protectNow, look at 1st town of 1st island in Mountain clan, how many newcomer? very less almost none, but in 1st town of 1st island in firstborn, its like thousand of newcomers, i doubt with creator of this game, its really unbalanced

    1 Yes quest on mc quests are harder but that makes all noobs come to fb what makes mc more skillfull players.

    2 Because of bless but rogue can use atack from stealth and gouge than repeat stealth atack and in circle. Barb can make him do not atack and then kill it (i dont know all barbs skills) shaman is not so good at untouched killing.

    3 also making noobs go to fb because of too much walk on mc side.

    4 ok u are right and we are protected by friendly mages there.

    5 U are going to be angry because of position of something in nadir? Ok armour shop is on left to mc side

    6 as someone said u have rogue and barb so they are better in hunt.

    7 no reply for that its true.

    8 all are coming because fb is overpopulated. They know they wont be too much disturbed and they know its easier

  3. I couldnt make enough parties in game for Shadows of Berengar, so i made topic in forum. Max parties i made in game is 1pt and 2 players. Now i have no party or anything so who is not yet done with shadows please join. If we get enough players we will atack at 13:00 +1GM. Place of gathering camp-riff.

  4. What about making stealth scroll so stealth its not only avaible for rogue.

    Its duration will be 2 minutes and if u atack someone you will be visible but 5 secunds after fight you will be back in stealth mode. I will not say anything about buying but it woud be good to buy it for gold. I would also like to hear what devs think about it.


  5. What about making (short) time when there is peace betwen mc and fb.

    During that time you can freely go through enemy part of irselnort without being atacked, but after that time expires you can easily be atacked.

    It can be once a day or every 2 hours.

    It will be good because then we will have oportunity to do some quests on the other side during that few minutes and after we can have big killing time.

    Lol what u think

  6. How about making ingame board where someone can find post "job" offer or look for "job"

    "Job offerers" will post for what they need help and how much money they will give.

    You can also get 2 exp for one completed job.

    It can work like quest: kill while in party / gather and transmit to player. After that you get message with money and exp.

    So say what u think. :D

  7. As a side note.. Rangers left facing single opponent in arena have sort of same choice. If you have a decent regen rate that is.Scatter on low health and run > scatter + power shot > run > scatter + powershot > run.. ect. when confident enough >  blessing while running > turn + scatter + power and finish em off.  This is a gamble too.. all depends on timing, opponent class and skill of opposing player. But has worked for me on occasion.

    If enemy dont use ranged weapon u can use trap after scatter and shot few seconds more but be careful and start runing before trap goes off
  8. hard to understand why my lvl14 char gets a lvl16player as opponent . Wish its a bug

    It isnt bug arena system can give you +2 or -2 lvl opponents and in ranges like 4-6, 7-10, 11-14, 15-18, 19-20. So if you are lvl 14 you can easily get lvl 15 or 16 against you.
  9. Hi devs. I said this once (dont remember where) but consider this idea. In russian server there are too many ppl so farming and killing bosses is easy just try to be the first that atacked and thats all. But if you make one precentage of drop dodge block or whatever boss have for all servers it will not be fair. So my idea is to add few codes in boss and make him stronger per human atacking him. Exam. 2 ppl atacking:

    Dodge 39% acc 39% drop 16% 19 ppl atacking:

    Dodge 71% acc 59% drop 1%.



    I doubt everyonne wants to be the strongest.... Everyone i see they are only trying to be strong enough not to be killed so easy by the enviroment or the other players, its frustrating whem ur questing and it takes majority of your health to kill one monster or when you get chased and killed by another player who kills u 1-2 hits, and this game isnt as good as u say it is... Its just the only game that isnt confusing or complete shit. Why do we have to wait 4 months for a game to finally get interesting again? Right now ts dull and boring, even if u get strong what is there to do? Not really anything... Except farm which is rare drop and that gets boring after 1-2 hours


    Why dont you all guys look at ws as game for making friends. Or game which depends on parties , parties union, clans etc. Its true that now if you dont buy m coins you cant even kill green crowned mob without getting your health extremly low. And for some red crowned bosses sometimes you need two parties united (if none buy mcoins). Farming on double crowned bosses needs more than one party. This is problem to people like me because we re forever alone. I have zero friends playing ws. I was inviting people I know but im still only one from my village playing ws. But it doesnt matter because every day playing ws I meet peoples... Just think about it if you have 10 friends on ws and make deal to be at same time you have two full parties. Then join war and you will win.
  11. Yeayy... Another time to wait... Next week is info about forsaken island,then next week info about Chosen's equipment/weapon,next week again info about Forsaken's equipment/weapons.. Hahaha i hate thisss! :facepalm: i thought today is the update...  So updte is at JUNE :wacko:


    Hahah what if they start describing every mob and weapon.  >:D Update maybe next year. :facepalm:
  12. Hey all. Im sure  u have seen this happen or experienced it first hand. Ur wirh ur party at a boss, farming for drop, and out of nowhere, a lvl1 (usually  below lvl5) shaman/druid appears and begins to disturb ur party by healing over ur healer's heal in an attempt to get ur party killed or make u pay to make them go away. Most of these people are just upset kids that want to troll us. Well mysuggestion on a way to solve this problem is 2 ideas: change heal skill and make it so that it cant be overlapped by a heal less than that of the caster (i.e. A heal of 200 cant be overlapped by anything below 200), or by adding a level restriction to each factions second island in order to keep all thise that dont belong there away. hope someone read this and takes it into consideration, thanks for everything guys , hipe to have support on this.


    Why not just add weak heal to stronger. Exam healer in your party heals 150 and noob heals 30 you will gain 180 healing. That will be great if you have 2 healers. Enemy atack 200 healing 300. You can defeat boss and guardians without loosing health.  :spiteful:
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