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  1. Will the article with the latest changes not be published?
  2. BD have %100 control this is normal? more defence more resist more attack. where is weak point this hero?
  3. it's normal?5k def + %54 resilience my hunter but bd damaging me 1300 auto and ı never control bd. how ı kill bd? #BDSPEAR
  4. when comes nerf bd? %100 resist, %40 auto attack, long control skills.
  5. Paladin'in Kalkanı çok güçlü değil mi? 10 saniye zarar veriyorum ama kırılmıyor !! 1 +10 avcım var.ben daha kalkanı kıramadan yenisini açabiliyor.
  6. give back buffs chests and good luck tokens?
  7. what drop all dungeons?, and are the bosses simple or will they be active?
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