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  1. sorry maybe my explanation above is a bit general. how about buy from secon-hand dealer?
  2. Many times I seen people says accidentaly buy or sell something from NPC maybe causes by lag or in a hurry. I think we need a confirmation window added before we buy or sell items via NPC. It can shows words like "are you sure want to buy/sell this item?" as example and before we hit "yes" button then any changes will not happen.
  3. Is it good when we ignore someone then cant see him/her arround? Like hidding options in some other mmo.
  4. Jaya

    Missing icon

    Please fix the icon of items because its missing sometimes. Thank you
  5. Hello there, many people seems more like warden to tank in dungeons than paladin because its good def skills. But how about pala? I don't want to ask more about expert skills cause i think pala already have good skills to support party. I just ask to provide pala full craft magic damage spear at level 20 because there is only full physical damage with low magic now. It is good beside high damage while put banner on we also can help to heal party members. Thank you.
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