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  1. i just want a good drop rate dude i spam 16hrs tp myth onthe troll event and i got 0 drops(0 costumes,0 armor and 0 weapons) rofl and if you guys put the offer for restore old players deleted it woould be good
  2. now you cant do many thinks with new counter basicaly its a shit, in pve mages can farm alone t3 bosses and t4 too, faceless ,spawn anf others, bds cant, similar problem in dgs now bds die too easy and its a better idea take a mage or rang for more dmg,bds cant tank in area now with thi nerf and new agro sistem, in pvp go see videos of bds vs dks,shamans,locks,rogues,charmers,barbarian.etc bd cant do anythink vs basically all the classesin pvp. if you are gonna nerf a balance skill like old counter then nerf all the cc chains of mc in pvp and in pve just back to ther normal dmg(u nerf the damage of the others skills too) thanks for read and sorry for my bad english
  3. here a warden named Killerhits trolling questors on t4 bosses plz ban him, thanks
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