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  1. Hi! I want to buy sphere of damage enhancement I. For selling I have a great potion of spirit. And I'd also like to exchange my simple facewrap for a simple mask. Please pm me with price. That's all for now I guess. :drinks:
  2. Tess

    Level question

    Lol. Then it's gonna take a long long time man. By the way, how many arena points i'll get per win in lvl 7-10 arena?
  3. Hi! I need a lvl 6 ranger to be my partner in arena. I'm planning to fight at lvl 4-6 arena for at least three weeks. If you're interested then we could fight a few arena matches together and see how we get along. I play in US-Sapphire as Trilian and I'm a bladedancer. It'd be better if you pm in forum at first instead of in game. Even if you do pm me in game first, I'll still need your forum name. Well, that's all for now I guess. If you want to know anything else, just pm me in forum :)
  4. Tess

    Level question

    Thank you guys :) P.S.- Right now I get 13 arena points per win. Will that increase in higher level ranges??
  5. Tess

    Level question

    Thanks for the reply :) A strange thing happened today. I'm lvl 6 and I teamed up with a ranger who is also lvl 6. But in arena the opponent team we got had two lvl 7 players. Of course, it was a 2x2 fight. How would you explain that??!! I'm really confused. I thought I'd stay at lvl 6 for a while and fight in lvl 4-6 arena as much as I can. Now should I lvl up to 7?
  6. Tess

    Level question

    I have a few questions guys. I'm lvl 6 now. What are the lvl classes in the arena? I know the first one is level 4-6. After that, if I get to level 7, what will be the max lvl of my opponent? Can I team up with a lvl 6 player in lvl 4-6 arena when I'm lvl 7? Right now I have only simple armour and a few items from quests. I have about 800 gold. Should I buy any equipmemnt now or should I wait till I get to a higher level? I don't have any skill points in dual handed sword. Does that mean if I buy two swords my character will use only one of them?
  7. Hi! I'm from Bangladesh. I wanted to buy Miracle Coins from my phone but sms payment isn't available for my country :( Credit cards aren't very common in our counrty. I'm sure a lot of players from my country will buy Miracle coins if they can directly do it from their phone.
  8. wooooooohooo!! This game IS starting to sound like a lot more fun. Hmmm. Will u please tell me what do u mean by farm and kill mobs? Will I lose anything if I die in arena???
  9. Wow!!! I never thought I'd get so many replies ;) I play in the US server. But I'm not worried about help anymore. It seems there's always help here for those who wants it, thank you guys :D So, the summery is, I have to do quest for most things, right?
  10. What do you mean by mc or fb??? My character name is Trilian. Thanks a ton to you and Fizaa!!! You are awesome :D Well, here comes the questions. How do I get gold? (very obvious question, I know) How do I increase my skill? I'm a Blade Dancer, which skills should I choose to train and why? What are the ways to increase my level? Does level represent my combat ability or simply quest progress? Explain the trading and chat system. Explain weapon, armour....... And anything else that a newbie should know. Whew! This pretty much looks like an exam question paper :D Bring on your answers guys!!! You know what? I think if the replies turn out to be good, the mods should sticky this thread. After all, it seems there's no such guide/manual for this game; it really sucks you know, it's enough to scare people away if there's no help :(
  11. Hi all! :) I joined this game only yesterday. My level is 3 now. I can't really get a grasp of this game :( There are sooo many questions but very few answers!!! I've seached in the forum for some sort of newbie guide but I didn't find anything like that. The official Warspear website doesn't provide much information too. I was a successful player in Runescape and I have never felt so bewildered in any other MMORPG :( Can somebody please please please help?!
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