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  1. can pots be used in arena? Today i got teamed up against a ranger four times. The last time we fought I saw him use a potion in arena before the fight started. When I moved my cursor to his char I saw the icon of large potion of permeation under his mana bar. Usually when I press to use a potion in arena I get a message saying I can't. I've only tried life and spirit potion though. Can anyone tell me if pots really work in arena?
  2. Thanks for adding me, this is the first time I joined a clan :) But......um, can you please modify the name of the clan. I didn't know what ABN meant when I asked Timeuss in game to add me. Maybe the name could be losers by nature or jerks by nature. Just please dont use the a word :blush:
  3. Tess

    bg gloves and boots

    Lost at +2??!!! My friend lost his armor at +1. Then he got so scared that all his equips are totally unamped now :( As for cc..... That'll take a long time to get full set, right?
  4. What about Bangladesh? I'd be spending lots of money if only I had the means. Now I'm sort of campaigning in my family to get a card :(:(:(
  5. Tess

    bg gloves and boots

    Btw guys, which one should I buy? Helm of berenger's guard or avantail of berenger's persistence? P.S. I wanna make my bd a tank.
  6. Thanks for the reply guys:) I've leveled up my bd cuz I got my arena swords finally;D
  7. Tess

    bg gloves and boots

    Wish me good luck guys. My friends don't farm bg so idk how long it'll take...... @Srhdeadly- u sure u never noticed an annoying girl named Trilian or Triliann? ;D
  8. Tess

    bg gloves and boots

    Wow! U got them all from drop? But how long did it take? Anway, I'm lvl 15 bd. Am I strong enough to farm bg? If I buy avantail of berenger's persistence, does that mean mail of berenger's endurance won't be in the same set?
  9. Tess

    bg gloves and boots

    :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm: what's it gonna cost in gold then? :(
  10. Gloves and boots needed to complete a bg set can't be bought from shop..... So, I guess I gotta buy them from other players. I haven't got the guts to ask anyone in game. Will somebody here pls give me an idea about the price?
  11. I have a lvl 15 bd. I can help u to kill chainless bosses in 'enemy land'. The plan is simple. You create an elf char and pm me if u r coming there. Then hop into ur shaman and I'll work as ur elf truce :D I mean I'll keep the other elves off and tell them not to attack u.
  12. Tess


    i saw a bit of it. I was in party with him becuz he invited me for a daily quest. Scarcha was in the party too and they were making that deal using party chat. At one point they started bargaining about whether to give the gold or password first. So, at that point I realized that my quest wont be done anytime soon and I left party. Thats as far as I know.
  13. there's no well tried staff. It's not a set :D But there's lvl 15/13 staff. I forgot their name.
  14. I dont know. I only suggested well tried blade because I saw it in trade chat. It's a one handed sword. But since u r a shaman I guess u hav to look for something else :(
  15. Your answer is here. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=64515.msg234401#new
  16. The chance of winning in lvl 15-18 arena without arena weapon and good gears is very low. I think you should probably try buying well tried blade. This sword is as good as arena sword. But it'll cost much. I have no idea about the exact price but I am sure it wont cost less than 50k in any way. You could also buy sword from chainless league. Or maybe you could start over again.
  17. Haven't u noticed what the subject of this topic is? o_O Anyway, as to ur question, many under lvl 15 ppl hav much arena points simply becuz they dont lvl up/lvl up slowly and fight more in arena. U probably only focused on leveling up and didn't fight much in arena.
  18. of course :( I wonder how it can post everyday. I thought the admins would do something to permanently stop it.
  19. I dont agree with this reward system.
  20. :lol::lol::lol: I'd like to see someone trade 3 signs for 5 signs xD
  21. I agree. This game wouldn't be even half fun if I didn't have some nice friends here. My friends are a huge part of my Warspear life :)
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