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  1. I had shild lvl 3 and its almost useless agains rogue and bd. Its not better stun 3/5 ad shield 5/5? Arena 21 its very ezpensive arena points to buy. I got kronus set to lvl untill lvl 28 and get arena.lvl 25 gear but again its very expensive 😣 what is better way to famr arena points? Alone its veru hard...
  2. Ok. I back to play ws and lvl up my necromancer to lvl 21. I want apecialize in pvp. Group for war and for arena also. Protect agains gank. What build and skillset i need for it. I have heal/ shield/ nightmare = 5 and learn acid rain and infection idk if i did shit learninf that skills. Anyone can help me and what gear i can get. For now i got all kronus set and crafted staff. Thanks
  3. There's a map with that boss locations?
  4. I need help with gear. Im lvl 13. I just need help to where i can farm gear or craft. And enchants.
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