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  1. thank you so so much for the 500 coins!!! Man, did i need this bad......congrats to all the other winners!
  2. Thank You Slay....sure we will meet!!!!
  3. Although I got my new Smartphone some two years ago (about which i was really excited at that time!), it was only 10 months ago that I realised its true potential, because I learnt about warspear online. The way warspear has helped me cope with the circumstances through which i have been suffering since the last 10 months, I bet no better friend could do that.... Some 10 months ago, when I was unaware about warspear, I met with an accident. I got a broken leg and was doomed to spend the rest of my 4 months holidays in bed. Apart from the problems I was facing to do my daily course things, I was freaking bored! It was quiet frustrating. Spending time on social networking sites, also got boring. Then, I downloaded warspear one day. During that hard time, warspear was my only source of entertainment. Owing to its simplicity, fantasy-world like graphics, and adventurous quests, the game was indeed addictive. Plus, the feature of interacting with other players, making friends there, party quests, removed my loneliness. However, after I had recovered, I went to join for a job. Taking out time for warspear became difficult. But, as sad as it could be, i met with another accident. I was broken, both mentally and physically too. This time the accident was pretty serious, as I had fractures in my neck, back and the leg as well. Life was not treating me well. The doctor had advised me to lay straight and still on bed for complete 3 months! It was indeed a very difficult time. I felt completely useless, and depressed. I had nothing to do then, and lo! Warspear was again to my rescue! Before it used to be just a pastime. But now, it feels like an attachment. I was fulfilling my dreams through warspear! Each quest completed brought a sense of pride in me. The gradual advancement through the levels, seem like different phases of life. The new version 3.0, Astral Labyrinth, is even more exciting! The most remarkable things that I learnt from warspear are that just like the mentor sending us gifts every day, life also has something for you every day. New quests are waiting, new gifts are waiting, this is how we advance, and this is how we move on. There are friends, who help us in completing difficult quests just like in real life. We also face competition in life, just like the arena! Warspear is helping me fill the colours of my life again, with its colourful scenarios, forests, mountains, magical creatures, crystals, and so much more. I have read about the upcoming update for the game. Eagerly waiting for my friend's new form!
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