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  1. blessing 5lv, i feel only 15s
  2. buy this gear on US-Sapphire elf side.
  3. Higgins say it can, your answer is different,so which is true
  4. yea,increase my dodge parameter is easier than parry,i select dodge :),and i just wanna know can ranger parry attack,i tested by farm,not figter with other player,i know parry only useful for melee class,im weak,so i can only tested by farm
  5. yea,i mean that can ranger parry attack,i tried a long time to parry attack,but no once parry,because im only 6% parry?and thanks for your answer,im a newbie:)
  6. Does parry work for ranger?i tried for a long time,not once parry...
  7. which is the best way to build ranger? i need some help for build ranger, im a newbie :)
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