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  1. Hey Puto, why u leave Guild???
  2. It was just maintenance tho prepare some things for Update. Idk if they roll Update today or delay it becaus apple and nokia still gave no approval.
  3. Still not Version 3.12 its only 3.11.2 Wheres the Update :search:
  4. now Tower Runs will be possible in 1 Stamina for all :yahoo: Lets see how this stuff works in game. Im soooo excited...
  5. Sell this Sweety at EU, MC side. My Chars you see in my Signature. PM me here or in Game. SOLD
  6. It depends on what you focus. CD is good for Healers while farming or doing Lab/tower. Especially a Necro with lesser CD could be very usefull in healing.
  7. I know that feel :sorry: all for 2 Mana pots and a chopper bar
  8. WOW, More and more Members leaving Game. Sooo Sad :sorry: Nida even hasn't told me the Name of the blonde Girl in her Pic :cray:
  9. I am interested. Making a full leather deathknight. Won't be logging ingame for today maybe, can we talk it out through here? Pm if so xd Do you need Boots?
  10. Last Changes are good. This game is not to have 80% casters because they are OP. All casters are for Support ( DMG&Heal ) Not for being god in this game. Those who complain about it are those who runned before in arena and called it Tactic. ( now you have just to run a bit longer ) Anyway, its a bit easier for meeles in Arena now. And the nerved heal doesnt really matter. We have necros and priests to compensate that. There where times we didnt have instant heals and we made the hard way throught laby and killed eyes ) The good thing is, since Update there are soo many Meeles involv
  11. Items For SALE %%%%%%%% EU MC Side PM me here or in Game with your Price. ( im not that expensive ;D )
  12. WOW ,very fast. 15 min after i asked for it.
  13. Mecha Mod too :shok: ABC infiltrating AIGRIND 8)
  14. i got demo Costume after my 4th kill 8)
  15. luleee

    Valentines Day

    Dear Devs, im a bit disappointed. Last Year there was a Valentines Special ( 50% reduced prices ). Seems like there is no Special this Year. Is it because you don't LOVE us anymore??? :'( you broke the Heart of 4 Million Users, especially mine
  16. They are checking your Accounts right now :search: be carefull...
  17. luleee

    Dungeon bug.

    Happened to me too but a Day before i went HARD Mode and got weapon drop. Next day i got that Popout too (you have to finish normal Mode ). i was like WTF!!!!!!! and yes, i finished all Lvl before
  18. Dungeon Time is only possible with high amped Team. For normal or low amped it's still a usage of 2 stamina.
  19. Throw your Windows Phone away. Problem solved
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