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  1. Nah, i think it will be like the chainless arrmor in lvl 15. Two eqipments will be in Shop and the rest u have to drop in this #1 pro winning tournament dungeon.
  2. It means that only 1st Place winners can enter this instance/dungeon.
  3. Rethink it, could be a reason for many ppl to leave game.
  4. Does winner mean rank #1, #2 and #3 of tourney? Or is it just for #1 ?
  5. wow, that was a fast answer. Ty Mr. Eastwood
  6. Easy level - 1 tournament win Normal level - 5 tournaments wins Hard level - 10 tournaments wins Heroic level will be available later. Do past Tourney wins count too? ( #1 till #22 )
  7. Well, i dont know who you mean but in my 5x5 we won alot against AOAI with only 2-3 Locks. And btw, a Team with 5 Locks was used mostly from AoA in the Past. Idk why ppl always start Drama because of the Tournament result. Enjoy the Game and stop Crying.
  8. Nothing Personal but it seems that this Pala started insulting in game and talked bad about Catalonia/ABC. And its not hard for a + 10 Ranger to kill a Lock especially if he uses MDEF too. So why dont you just let Catalonia and Gabraunthh fight this out alone????
  9. LTShaman aren't you that disturber at Sam Hain last Halloween?
  10. Before Ayvondill comes we first get the Equipment Craft, after that follows the Item/Accesoir Craft, maybe there comes a pot craft too. Halloween and Christmas Event are next so 2014 is gone. New Island in 2015 :search:
  11. I dont't think that this Guy can read.
  12. :bad: And you must pay 199 MC for each crafting Scroll that you can get only in MC-Shop
  13. Mhhh... Haven't played for 2 weeks and even didnt check the Forum. FAAAAK- i missed the Troll Weekend :'( Well, i wasn't really in Mode of Playing WS. It became Boring to me. Lets see the Crafting thing and wait for Ayvondil or Stop forever.
  14. luleee

    Dungeon bug.

    Doesn't Matter if you finished all dungeons before. IF U GO EASY ONCE AGAIN YOU HAVE TO FINISH NORMAL TOO OR YOU CAN'T ENTER HARD. Thats the Bug.
  15. You are right. Mages and Locks really are ducked up now. After all the nerfs the latest update was a desaster for those two classes.
  16. If you want Event on Easter u can start search your Eggs ;D
  17. Nope. Meeles have higher HP Regen. if you want more Heal use more HP Regen Enchants
  18. luleee


    I really don't like this Topic. Well the idea is good but some can use it for stealing Accounts. Nowadays some ppl complained about getting hacked without giving ID to others....well, 1) Some ppl maybe have their mail as ID and birthday as pw 2) its easy to get your email if you pm someone in Forum 3) with posting your B-day here it wouldn't take Long till you're hacked. Its just my oppinion but be carefull what you Post. :sorry:
  19. Maybe devs can create a new Dungeon where only TOP 3 Guilds can enter and gat uniqe drops.
  20. GM, pls replace those lighning minions from Reward and put a healing minion in. These lighnings suck if we use them. Always blinds target = many DODGE or Target gets RESETED.
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