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  1. @ kristina He means that the two laby bosses ( red&blue EYE ) look like beholder. One drops weapon the other drops armor. But not easy there
  2. THX :yahoo: @spanish: we dont meet often because of different Time Zone :sorry:
  3. Hi All, i would like to join your clan too. Lulee = Barb Lv 20 Luleee = Shaman Lv 15 Location Germany By the way how about Clan Name The Unstoppables or Les Incredibles
  4. that could be Snorlax :tease:
  5. luleee

    Multi :P

    Nettes Bild, jetzt noch rein in den Wedding suit und ab nach Nadir zum Heiraten. :give_rose: Ingame Einladung nicht möglich da ich im MC bin ( Lulee lv 20 Barb ) Ich denke aber, dass man sich trotzdem das ein oder andere mal begegnet ;D
  6. I camp since 5 Days with my Barb at Torturer. Everyday 4 hours hunt there. Till now i got only one drop....... :bad: And this drop is for Rouges :facepalm: Thats :mega_shok:
  7. HTC Desire= works fine Achros 101 Internet Tab= no Problems and good gameplay Most of Time i Play on my Achros Tab :crazy:
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