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  1. You forgot to mention the holiday skills. What are their effects?
  2. Haha I once had an awesome bug in kronus. Reached boss in first stam with 1-2 min left. After 5k dmg full hp boss died instant and we made it 1 stam cuz of that^^ beSt bug ever
  3. Okay I am lvl 24 and will stay that lvl :) name yesyesyor same server as u i guess (eu)
  4. I would recommend to buy dark power first. On 4/4 it gives 15% more dmg for 40 seconds. With my 15% cd its only 9 seconds before I can use it again. My base dmg is 500 with dark power its 575 And remember also shaman and other party members get more dmg ;) on top i use rage weapon (10% more dmg) 9,9 % chance to activate with rage crystal on armor. Also i use dmg incrrase relic on heal ;) sometimes i make it 700+ dmg if all kicks in. I d say 40-60% of time i have 630+ dmg (500 base dmg) Next expert skills depends on weather you go for pvp or pve. But my build suits both quite well, still is more pve: Acid rain is an awesome stun. If you use fateful connection after acid rain, the mobs will seem to stay still. Get panic for 1-2 mobs who aren t caught in the rain. my build: heal 5 shield 5 nightmare 3 dark power 4 Panic 2 acid rain 1 poison shield 1 and fatefull connection 1 you might switch fateful connection with mental pit for pvp and maybe max panic. with my skillbuild snake is not in hotkeys and all hotkeys used with skills
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