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  1. i tested it on a dummy and on players and as known dummys dont have any protective attributes but the dmg decrease still hits very hard im very disappointed about this "secret" or "not comunnicated" nerf on the dmg. If they did the nerf like in the description it would still make the same dmg to the dummy as before
  2. So after some days i tested a bit around during test server and now the changes are life... i think we can all agree on palas are still very strong (especially 2vs2) But something that really concerns me and what we should all look at ARE CHARMERS.... They got some fair nerfs like stone stun can be resissted dog hp was decreased and overall mana cost and cd got higher but the true nerf that no class ever got in this quality is the dead mans knowledge nerf for example: pre nerf i did 1k dmg with that skill using my auto attack ( psyical dmg 650) so it was +350 dmg and now i hit with autoattack with skill on proc: 300 dmg 700DMG diferrence correct me if i am wrong but the only dmg skill from charmer got nerfed soo hard that no other class experienced smth like that thats just insane. Pls gm tell that this isnt intended many player me included thought the change would be, that the stun hits when some shield is up (still doesnt stun when shield or barrier active)
  3. Just created a forum acc for this competition, really appreciate the way aigrinds interacts with its audience 🏆
  4. Dear Daria, could you (dev) add more slots in the short cut bar? Since version 1 warspear there were only 9 but meanwhile we are in version 7 and have a lot more skills so that 9 Slots simply isnt enough, Thanks :)
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