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  1. I guess here you have your 8 seconds just locked behind requirements... I mean u still will get 6 seconds out of it reliably just not as an offensive skill, use it defensively and you are good to go
  2. As staff user you want to use combat support 5/5 instead of reverse flow and the last 4 points into some utility statue mantra or the new aggro skill Bcs like u said, the staff game play is very underwhelming I hope they improve it BUT NOT on the costs of the mace bcs I feel the mace might be just right now. Not sure about their role in pve yet
  3. Let's not forget about staff Templar guys who are in a really bad spot atm. They got nothing that's is going for them and the new skill is a hybrid skill thats actually weak for staff users I have 1. 2k dmg magic and it does 800 dmg per hit that's laughable.... My charmers bird does more dmg with me having 700 magic Staff Templar can't even heal BG tower mythic, even tho I have +10 craft wep lvl 30 and full % that's just sad... Sure Templar is support class but he doesn't have any support abilities that scale with magic who aren't supposed to be for healers
  4. No 20% is fine if not too much Mele class with high speed is even more op, since the wep are even faster than bow or xbow Chieftains ARE op they even with 4 less expert skill were the abosulte best dps during horror and they weren't even +10. Chieftains don't need more buffs for PvE. 20% is already much but so let it be but for sure not more. Bcs not even rogues charmer locks none can keep up with chieftains dmg output
  5. Try to be reasonable... 20% is already more what hunters get for their skill. To be honest chieftain doesn't need more dps output they already overshine every other mc dps class by a lot I have +10 craft hunter and no chance to keep up with chieftains
  6. Well you should really play Staff Templar then, to get a feeling by your own. It can do crazy things like heal for 14k if you set it up right. But that's not a DG scenario. Already with the current abilities as a staff Templar you are useless in most pve content. You can't stun bosses or there aren't many mobs around. Especially DG I bring very little on the table except a shield and statue. The new update promised to change that but in fact didn't do much. Staff users aren't supposed to get aggro but now I have to take aggro in order to heal my pt? The minion is also underwhelmin
  7. (I don't know how to remove the cite) I am playing a Templar with staff and I'm really disappointed by it. It was promised staff players would get their own good thing and far as it goes the only magic abilities are aggro and pet. (aggro is meant to be for shield) so out of 4 abilities only 1 I semi good for staff? And this should be to promised buff for staff Templar? I have +10 craft staff 1.2k magic dmg and my elemental hits for 800 dmg only? My point is even tho Templar is strong class the recent update strongly favors hybrid plaxstyle and the promised staff buff
  8. i tested it on a dummy and on players and as known dummys dont have any protective attributes but the dmg decrease still hits very hard im very disappointed about this "secret" or "not comunnicated" nerf on the dmg. If they did the nerf like in the description it would still make the same dmg to the dummy as before
  9. So after some days i tested a bit around during test server and now the changes are life... i think we can all agree on palas are still very strong (especially 2vs2) But something that really concerns me and what we should all look at ARE CHARMERS.... They got some fair nerfs like stone stun can be resissted dog hp was decreased and overall mana cost and cd got higher but the true nerf that no class ever got in this quality is the dead mans knowledge nerf for example: pre nerf i did 1k dmg with that skill using my auto attack ( psyica
  10. Just created a forum acc for this competition, really appreciate the way aigrinds interacts with its audience 🏆
  11. Dear Daria, could you (dev) add more slots in the short cut bar? Since version 1 warspear there were only 9 but meanwhile we are in version 7 and have a lot more skills so that 9 Slots simply isnt enough, Thanks :)
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