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  1. Thank you for the clarification. Also i wasn't asking about account sharing info only, but rather more about data mods in forum have about each player with a forum account who posts in the forum. That data then being shared amongst players. Example: forum Mod gets hold of email, location etc of one forum user and shares it with a player who is a friend. Edit: so I'm asked to provide more info yet my topic gets closed? I haven't even said i am pointing fingers yet just asking a question. It seems to me we are not allowed to ask questions? or does this particular mod find my question abusive? Sorry if i hit a nerve. I am merely asking a question so i can be sure in the further investigation that is going on about forum mods and some players. This was not meant to frustrate or anger anyone. My apologies.
  2. Is it Legal for Game / forum Mods to share personal info of players with other players they consider as "friends" in the game? :)
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