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  1. On the Competition between MC and Elf
  2. As a result of more than a year of imbalance adjustment, resulting in our server against the same level of Elf guild victory probability from 30% a year ago to 1% now. We have won only one victory in this year's final. From SEA-Pearl
  3. Вы можете использовать эту поддержку, когда используете много навыков, которыми можно поделиться, но вы не можете получить поддержку, когда используете Прочная шкура 😞
  4. Я понимаю, спасибо за ваш ответ, я люблю тебя!
  5. Моя Ярость суммируется до 31,1%, но использование «Пикирующее войско» не может дать этого эффекта. Разве этот эффект не разрешен этим умением? Video_20201210215136.mp4
  6. 前言:在9.0.0版本中,战矛在线两个阵营各自出现了一个新职业,一个是圣堂武士,一个是酋长,而该攻略,是属于酋长的技能效果介绍。 ———————————————— 幽灵重击(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP):16(一到五级) 冷却:7秒(一到五级) 伤害类型:魔法伤害 Gif演示: 圣物推荐: 历史版本变更: 鹰眼(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP):16/18/20/22/24 冷却:12秒 伤害类型:物理伤害和魔法伤害 介绍:给角色施加“鹰眼增益”,持续4/4/6/6/8秒, 在鹰眼范围1码范围的敌人会受到30%/ 40%/ 40%/ 50%/ 60%的魔法伤害, 现在会根据暴击几率对敌人施加“流血”的振动效果,一共12秒,一次3秒, 流血效果为角色10%/ 15%/ 20%/ 25%/ 30%的物理攻击属性。 Gif演示: 圣物推荐: 历史版本变更: 熊之体力(主动技能) 蓝量消耗(MP):14/16/18/20/22
  7. junliang


  8. Experienced for so long, for us ordinary people, this class experience is really too difficult.
  9. Hello, I am a Hunter player of SEA-PEARL, and my name is Marutl. I am happy with this class adjustment, because many abnormal classes have been balanced. You have worked hard. However, I may complain a bit. This adjustment makes Hunter's attack ability even more exhausting, especially for Hunter players on this server, because we don’t have any lv.10 guild, whether it’s ELF or MC, and very few Someone gets a book with improved attributes, and then relies entirely on the attributes provided by the equipment to barely make the attack ability not lagging behind. Now I am very scared. I am worried
  10. Thank you, I had already used a translator to convert to English and posted here for discussion. Perhaps the automatic translation function of the webpage translated my words back to Chinese. This year, without the help of guild buff or passive skill book. The hunter profession is indeed very tired. I hope gm can adjust the intensity of the hunter this year.
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