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  1. Experienced for so long, for us ordinary people, this class experience is really too difficult.
  2. Hello, I am a Hunter player of SEA-PEARL, and my name is Marutl. I am happy with this class adjustment, because many abnormal classes have been balanced. You have worked hard. However, I may complain a bit. This adjustment makes Hunter's attack ability even more exhausting, especially for Hunter players on this server, because we don’t have any lv.10 guild, whether it’s ELF or MC, and very few Someone gets a book with improved attributes, and then relies entirely on the attributes provided by the equipment to barely make the attack ability not lagging behind. Now I am very scared. I am worried
  3. Thank you, I had already used a translator to convert to English and posted here for discussion. Perhaps the automatic translation function of the webpage translated my words back to Chinese. This year, without the help of guild buff or passive skill book. The hunter profession is indeed very tired. I hope gm can adjust the intensity of the hunter this year.
  4. You are very beautiful, and this is the first time I see our sea server players to participate in this competition.😆
  5. In addition, I hope the designer can optimize Forsaken's passive, which will provide 3 energy recovery in normal state, but only 1.5 energy recovery in combat state, which really has no practicality. It's really like there is no help in this passive. I really hope you guys can optimize it!
  6. This update is a bit speechless, and more biased towards pvp. I can see that Hunter has acquired meaningless skills again. The help he can get in pve is not great. He needs to become more powerful in the environment of pve. Then there is Warden, which has become a protection profession. Naturally, it has a very strong defense, but at the expense of attack ability. This is equal, but why do you want to break this equality, so that the guards have a strong attack and defense capabilities?
  7. 您好,我是一位海珍珠MC玩家。在2020年,我看到我们的服务器已经精疲力尽,特别是关于Hunter的种族实力,我希望它在pve方面会变得更加有用,所以我非常希望关于Hunter的标记技能的变化,它可以直接让角色获得一定的穿透力。这对Hunter的pve很有帮助,希望您可以采用它!
  8. junliang

    waarlock skills

    This is my PVP combination, I hope to help you!
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