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  1. you tried Fraps? its a paid apps but search a crack version of it in google. "fraps crack download"
  2. dont worry,plisk said hes gonna start taking videos starting on round 2
  3. agreed! but base on pvp cave record,and as far as others can see(those people in pvp cave) Tpain has a bad record fighting rogues(specially those high amped rogues) so i think ill take Yins side on this one,coz Tpain usually lagging and lacking experience on pvp(maybe its bcoz he cant understand english well so he cant do practices) thats it,but well,who know's,their both full +10s so their stats and luck will decide who's gonna win, :yahoo: :drinks:
  4. Round 2,lets do this! i only got few more days free before i get busy.
  5. 'dont worry seth,as i said above,i only accepted Machote's bet,so its like you againts him only,unless you agree with him to take other's bet too,
  6. you can do it in a "quote",yes u did pmed me,like once? or twice? should i always keep my eyes on the game?,cant even do a quick break or eat sumthin?,I WAS FCKING AFK! and when i tried to reply ur off,and dont expect me to find you on your "characters".
  7. ego huh? well,shes not the one who cant let a 10k discount from a friend even tho ur right on selling it in a cheap price,but she already explained it,she wasted 140k for bunch of runes/crystals and get nothing,so shes just expecting something on her "LAST" 100k gold.
  8. P.S: do i look crying? im just here to take Machote's challenge/bet,and if your talking to me(which i know you are) please do it directly,its not a "man" thing to do. :drinks:
  9. nah,i wont take their bets,im just taking ur bet,so for me,its only about u and me,so we wont have any problem on paying issue's, its up to you if your gonna take their bets or not.
  10. okay since u only mentioned bout u betting on Yins and i took it,so the bet will be between u and me right? but how bout the other's? whos gonna pay them if they win? :wacko: so if ever,im betting 20k on my self plus 20k from eish againts you,so thats gonna be 40k from u(if ever i win) right? and if we lose ill pay 20k and eish will pay the rest :drinks: just want to make it clear :good: EDIT: i just got pm from my friend Jhuzt/Yvaine she said she wants to bet 20k more for me :yahoo: so that count as 60k,do you agree or what machote?
  11. do you want to take this somewhere else chris? try me, :mega_shok: i just said 20k on "MC" right??
  12. its 40k or should i say 70k now machote,will you accept it? :blush: cmon,lets make this a lil more interesting :yahoo:
  13. ill take it,20k on mc,ill bet for my self ofc :blush: :blush: but being the champ will be the problem,can we change the rule? like if i or yins win when we face each other at the tourney? :rofl: i had a practice pvp with him just now,hes not that tough,our score is 2-3 and yea he wins,coz i fcking forgot to change my regen rings to carved rings(accu rings) so yea he dodged my first ham and for bd vs bd,missing his first ham is a big loss,well,good thing its just a friendly match,so will u take it? 20k if i beat yins at the tourney?(if ever we faced up) EDIT: can we make it 50k?
  14. correction,he got +10 doom blade and +10 lab gladius :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. finally,lets have a match tonight?
  16. i get your point and thats true,but ur example is the problem,its not about friend or what so ever,devs cant make it possible bcoz if that happens,only few mcs/elf will buy mcoins,specialy those who wanted to switch side, for now,if you want to switch for example your an elf then wanted to be an mc,if you dont have patience and u want to be strong in instant,your force to buy mcoins to earn golds so you can buy things you needed,but if elf and mc can trade(specialy when u got plenty of items/golds on your previous faction),u dont need to buy coins just to earn golds/items,so yea less $$ for devs and thats not good for their BIG STOMACH! :drinks: :drinks:
  17. Vcut

    The Ending

    lool,im lazy/busy,my everyday routine was arena>swamp>hang out in pvp cave a lil(using my warlock)>then log off>work :lol: im not updated whats happening in-game lol,
  18. Vcut

    The Ending

    which side you mean? my bd camped at kota long time ago to do captured shaman quest then log off after its done,i used to be in pvp cave always but noobs made me lazy and tired to go there,so yea,instead of quiting the game,i preffer to switch to mc and picked another character which has more thrill to use than BD(im talking about warlock coz that's what i always play now)but if those noobs are not existing in pvp cave and no war everyday,ill stay on my bd,but i guess its like your trying to mix oil to a cup of water which is impossible,lool :crazy: :crazy:
  19. Vcut

    The Ending

    another player quit bcoz its boring now playing :pleasantry: "SWAMPspear" :pleasantry:
  20. lol gluck with that :clapping:
  21. trolololol :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
  22. Vcut

    Best US prices.

    trolololol :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
  23. lol,on the upcoming update,they will fix warlock skills,snorlax said they will increase cooldown or by chance only, so no more OP lock's on the update,so sad,im still enjoying my warlock coz i just got my doom staff days ago :cray: :cray:
  24. lol,u should have join us,but i barely seen u on :fool: :fool:
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