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  1. my point is,its like hes just waiting for someone to kick my ass in this tourney and BOOM! bye 160k! but on my side,ill struggle a lot just to win this "challenge" he made.
  2. exactly lol,there's still a few fight's to win the tourney,and those remaining bd's are tough,saying if i lose to this tourney mean's hes betting to anywho who win lol,its all vs me :wacko: my only chance is to win this tourney which is unknown or should i say very low chance,its not that i dont believe on my character,but its bcoz its not fair for me :unknw: :unknw: maybe ill accept hes challenge "if"(in anyhow) i made it to final,and its 1v1.
  3. lmao,i didnt i even said im very sure that i will win this tourney :unknw: :unknw: , if your basis on thinking that is bcoz i bet on my self,well what would u expect? im a participants,do you expect me to bet on my opponents? lol,those other who bet here is not in the tourney except chris(if hes serious on hes bet).so i have my rights to bet on my self lol, so NO,i wont accept your challenge,as i said above,its like me vs all and that will give you a very high chance of winning lol,
  4. huh? what do you mean? machote challenged me in a way that he got more chance of winning,its like me vs all,that's only my point.
  5. lol,thats a big challenge you made,and its like you already got 80% chance of winning coz you only said that "if i dont win the tourney" so there's like 3-4 more bd's to compete,and they are tough as hell,how bout this? since i made it in round 3,how bout let's have a bet who ever my opponent is?, like if i win or lose againts him,how's that huh? i made this challenge in a random way and in an individual pick, coz i still dont have idea who will i face in round 3 of this tourney.and by the way,if you really love "risk" you should have accept my 70k(my self bet) plus the 40k more from my friend,right? lol,and just to make it clear machote,its not 20k(the one you said 100k+20k) its 60k remember? coz 20k from me and 20k from eish,and another 20k from Jhuzt/Yvaine. :) so,are you gonna accept this challenge or what?,
  6. i cant tell my stats in an on going tourney,i hope you understand :blush: :blush:
  7. ahaha close,but no, :blush: okay im just kidding,yea Luvis is right :yahoo: but im changing gears,depends on my opponent :pleasantry:
  8. haha,thats a good question,make a guess? :blush:
  9. ahaha,but i have to remind you,lvl 14-15 arena armor looks the same with divine armor, :blush: :blush: who know's,as i always say,i havent improved my bd for a very long time,"luck" is my only partner on this tourney, :give_rose:
  10. they planned to do it earlier,they fought already,but since Tpain is lagging,i think they decided to do the official match next time.
  11. here's the video guys, Vcut vs xxpinoyxx, sorry late. sorry lag,
  12. i already uploaded it on youtube,u should have told it earlier -.- 1 more video left and its done,
  13. i am,but slownet is making me sick,so this will take a while :unknw: :unknw:
  14. me and xxpinoyxx are done fighting,ill upload the video's in few mins. i wont say who won :P, just watch the video's,wait :tease: :tease:
  15. sadly(for rogues) yes thats normal :mega_shok: :mega_shok:
  16. yes,because hiding is not 100% success,coz for me its the most OP skill in this game,
  17. ohh you mean adds/mobs seeing you while hiding? well,thats natural lol,imagine if adds cant see you,u can go at astral labryss last boss alone with hide lol,and thats not fair for other jobs and factions.
  18. yea,specially those who do "hide and seek" moves, :P poor BD's/ranger's/druid's and so on no chance for them to catch the rogue :lol: :lol: specially those who got slow net,
  19. i think what he want's to say is fix the "failing" issue on rogue's gouge and hide,so he wants it 100% success lmao...thats not fair i think,i mean making it 100% success lol, if there is something that need to be fix in here,maybe that's barb's dash stun success rate,very very very low chance -.-
  20. Yins vs Tpain is like a Final already :yahoo: :yahoo: at least one of them need to go,so 1 full +10 need to go home :cray: :tease: :tease:
  21. gogogo sisi :yahoo: :yahoo: :drinks:
  22. try it to me kathi :blush: :drinks:
  23. i tried Bandicam and its kinda fine with me,i reduced the Fps so i wont get laggy graphics,try to do it too chris,btw,whats the difference between registered bandicam and none registered?
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