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    Slack reacted to -TuBy- in Guess Who Will Post Next   
    Nah ! you dont count on me posting lmao xD
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    Slack reacted to r0land in [2015.12.28] Game servers stop. Important fixes   
    Greetings warriors of Arinar!
    We have been reading your opinions about our recent New Year event for several days and now we're ready to fix some bosses and rides.
    That's why we will stop our servers on 29.12.2015 at 9:00 CET due to these fixes. Game will be unavailable for two hours.
    Raid boss Raven:
    - physical and magical attack is reduced by 35%
    - physical defence is reduced by 35%
    - HP is decreased to 1.500.000 points
    - timeout for boss mininons call is added
    - time between regular state and Astral world of Raven is increased
    - attacking interactive objects can now remove Astral world state of Raven if he's in active radius of these objects
    Boss Ruberius:
    - physical and magical attack is reduced by 40%
    - ranged attack type is changed from physical to magical
    Dungeons of Snow Boundary:
    - HP of Shaman's apprentice and Totem of the Homeland are significantly decreased
    - time between regular state and Astral world of boss is increased
    - tokens receiving mechanics is chagned on "Winter Marathon" ride
    - bonuses of "Hot snow" rides are fixed
    - killed monsters counter of "Icy Arena" ride is fixed now
    Please don't plan anything serious on the mentioned period.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding,
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    Slack reacted to Deltaman in Strongest classes right now!   
    You must also calculate heal per second, simulate kiting and controling scenarios, calculate the skill dmg, the health and so on....
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    Slack reacted to lallouss in is the server down?   
    green font is for admins and devs only please edit ur post immediatly, or i shall have to give a warning ty ^^ ill delete this post after u change font color, have a nice day xD
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