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  1. when update be ready.its more then 2 hours now.
  2. Slack

    Favorite Class

    rogue my best class
  3. why u dont think me as your friend too
  4. This be taken forever to fix this server down
  5. What it mean reset from lv 1 and gold to 0
  6. My phone is a gs5 it just say cant connect to server..
  7. When the server be back on?
  8. Why i cant log in..... was it updated or just me that cant log in?
  9. I purchase mc coin using google play and I didn't receive my 50% more.
  10. I didn't receive my 50% more mc. I purchase thru google play.
  11. welp i had so much fun playing with everyone in w/s for two years. But now i leaving now. I might be back but onli depend.Had fun everyone.
  12. Slack


    Ha! why quitting now ..... guess you had your owe reason. Hope to see you back soon....btw this haten...
  13. ahhhhh you miss me damn im old player too slack aka haten.....
  14. 3.5 its make me lagg why. does anyone had lag issue or jux me.
  15. hiiiiii invit me wen or whoever farmn im aka :"haten " or "uglyheal"
  16. me too, i cant log in. it keep stuck at the second load. whats going on, is it update or bug?
  17. farewell bro not gonna stop u cux u had ur reason but i b miss u.
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