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  1. i found it,sorry guys, i didnt noticed something,my bad. thank you all <3
  2. This quest belong ayvondil map. I think this quest is bug. Bcs i found ghost hunter but there is no mark. Do u know something about it? Ty.
  3. Hi again, Im 21 lvl now. Can i take advice for dk wear guide. 2 gd + 2dd set or gd+kronus which one is good for dk(pve hunt).
  4. ty mecha. which one is good ; spear+shield, mace+shield, axe+shield or something else?
  5. Ty omercix. Should I buy exp boost item ? Or beginner wears,acsessories etc. What i must buy in shop. which one necessary for quests. Bcs i will play alone and i dont want to spend miracle coins.
  6. İ am new and i want to play DK, i will play for hunt pve. What is your advise, item, skill, beginner items. I will play in Eu Emerald, sorry for bad english ))
  7. Uzun zamandır oynamıyorum tekrar oynamak istedim dk oynamayı düşünüyorum,Expert skilleri hakkında bilgi verirseniz,uzun sure farm yapmak istiyorum hangi itemleri önerirsiniz, spearmı Mac'e mı kullanmalıyım biraz dk hakkında kasılma taktıikleri iyi olurdu, teşekkürler.
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