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  1. got 100 energy regeneration. I can spam skill and never run out of energy! xD don't know what to do with more max energy. more max hp and hp regeneration is always good tho^^
  2. impressive kiting in a 1v3 (even for a lock) ^^ why no hex tho?
  3. mostly everything here looks good! But a few things worries me or have questions about. blindfire and frostbolt will stun for how long? barbarian nature, glad to see it last longer and less coldown! power of relaxation and shadow sphere drains how much? And shouldn't power of relaxation maybe be changed to: If hp is 95%-90% then the bonus is lost. Since you have made reflect rune a thing. Otherwise I don't see this being used at all. forest song range is now 2. We all in pvp cave appreciate that! counterattack is back I see, tho not a
  4. very true!^^ playing lock solo in the early game is just to difficult and time consuming, so getting help is definitely the best option.
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