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  1. No problem It can be turned on and off in the settings
  2. I say on your own for example heal skill or bird or bone shield
  3. Activate skills that can be activated on your own with double tap on skill hotkey This is quick and easy way for use skill
  4. I think this week double drop event for def sphere and mana pot I run 20 time and get 32 def - 6 mana pot - 1 amp catalyst And my friend 4 run mace lv20 and amulet lv18 I just can say ty.
  5. Pls make skills that can used on own work with double tap on user of skill
  6. Why afk s in event get chest? Most of times event failed Because of afk s
  7. And don't forget mace with magic power for charmers in horror circus
  8. What is this sh**y system for mini bosses hunt Everyone do more damage got drop Must be someone do first atk got drop With this system just dmgers get drop
  9. If i make it 5/5 I must make down heal and wolf and stun skill bro
  10. Weakness skill almost useless pls replace it with spell immunity skill for charmer
  11. A skill that forces the enemies to attack him. and for number of attackers charmer got heal With this charmer can play tank role
  12. For charmer Must have choice from heavy armor and clothes Phys and magic % accessories
  13. Charmer need a skill like tanks to monsters attack him for tank role
  14. Plz op expert skill for charmer like warden
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