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  1. ok i am trying to contact support but i went to that link and i cant find no email pr any way to contact
  2. ok i had enough i spent so much money then u just ban me i want a refund of everything i spent i am not happy i played hours and hours and u guys just ban me for fun plz unban me i did nothing against the terms and services unless giving u guys a bunch of free money so u can ban me is against the terms and services
  3. Hi i am Ymicklez the level 28 warden on the US server i spent over 500 dollars for mcoins and i got banned i am trying to be respect full but i am mad about this i would like my profile unbanned so i can enjoy the mcoins i bought. thank you for reading this i hope a game manager can get back to me
  4. I was trying to watch a video to get one mcoin but the tabs not there just buy mcoins and gift code please help i would appreciate it
  5. It's 2017 but If you guys do make new factions it would be worth the money you guys could would Make cause of everyone buying miracle coins to upgrade new classes
  6. No the thing is i spent m coins on him and my brother went on my phone and deleted the char
  7. My character got deleted by my brother cause he was mad and i spent miracle coins on him and he is lvl2 i can't afford to buy 3999 miracle coins cause that's insane please help me get him back
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