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  1. see? the screen shots clearly says i made a sccussfull transaction while the other screenshot show i optained 0 mcoins and the board can check if i made a transaction or not also it is from gameclient so no mistake from me and in the first screen shows what the game client have sent so i really expect the board to move and do an action towards us the iraqy players who just wants to pay for stuff in the game they love but they end up "stolen!" and i mean it cuz tones of iraqy players suffer from this with no guilt
  2. ok here is the screen shots of my transaction mins ago and(btw the 7 mcoins are from a tapjoy offer and IT WONT BUY ANYTHING FROM MIRACLE SHOP!)
  3. this is the screenshots of the support amswer and my responce to it with the ticket id for the board
  4. yep i posted about it too it never works and it is just a steal for money DONT USE! they never care about us iraqy players i have sent alot of tickets and all i got is a respons saying it is my carrier fuilt not theirs so dont even waste your time asking for help they just want your money i lost like 30$ till now cuz of their carelessnes btw if u want add me im in EU server my name is Lordyasir in chozen
  5. oh sry i thought that i should be level 18 only though i have winding sceptor and it is not 18 so what staves are above 18 pls? in the second thing i really wish if the the modrators or the devs can help me with it though it was like a curse on me playing 18 level without being able to communicate with any one i even had to learn afew russian words like cnc,natn, npoam which i really dont know what they mean lol! o_O
  6. hi i have a question(2 questions in fact) first i have like 10 norlant crystals and runes but i can use none of them on my gear even though i have all the requirments second now a level 18 druid im registered on Ru-Amber by mistake (i thought the ru and the usa is about the ping so i chose ru because it is closer to me then i relized it is about the lang V___V! and by the way i dont know not even single word in russian!) so is there any possiple way to transphire my level 18 druid from Ru-Amber to any other English server? ( my character name is yasirnoor21 by the way ^___^
  7. see people thats what i mean a whole week without even some 1 of the board respond to my issue i have and agreement with your company as it clearly says when i registerd and i have rights and the least of these right is that the board helps when i have a ****ing payment issue :diablo: :diablo:
  8. hi i used sms payment method in iraq but i only receive replay about that the transaction successed and 1200IQD transferred from my account but nothing i received absolute zero Miracle coins i sent 2 tickets and here are they number2 ticket Re: ticket:78e373879f1d578We didn't find your messages in our system neither our SMS provider does. You should ask your cell provider about that case.[/size][/color]If you were charged then ask your provider about your transactions specification then send it to e-mail [email protected] should be:-Time and date of sending message-Short number-Cost of message"Please follow that instructions to resolve that problem. Best regards,Warspear Online [/color][/size]Support Team [/color] 2012/5/15 [email protected]> respond to ticket: c2e21fd2eca6311 hi people im done i sent 9 sms and now i lost 16$ but there is an update to the previous situation extra to what i already told you i started to receive a respond from number 6980 witch says "you ordered services of www.smscoin.com project price is IQD1200. www.webtopay.com." date:2012/5/4 sms text:dam 10642 731136 short number:6982 country:iraq account id:[email protected] operator :Zain-IQ my number:07819168534(+9647819168534) payment type:from the phone game client reply:"you ordered services of www.smscoin.com project price is IQD1200. www.webtopay.com." from 6980 i really wish to receive help as soon as possible from you guys number1 ticket Re: ticket:c2e21fd2eca6311Hello! Please, provide us with more information about failed payment: - date of the payment - sms text - short number - country - cell operator's name and your phone number - account id - type of payment (manual or automatic sending from game client) - reply message from operator Thank you! Best regards,Warspear Online [/color]Support Team[/size][/color] [/size] 2012/5/5 [email protected]> hi i used the sms payment method in iraq witch told me to send "dam 10642 731136" to 6982 i checked my phone credit and it lost 1.03$ but i checked the game and no miracle coins has been Replenished i waited 24 hours and nothing happened i checked the sent massages times and times and it was just like what was i been told to send so what is the proplem --------------------------------------------------------------------- Warspear Online support request time 2012-05-04 19:27:01 email: [email protected] Device model: 5800 xm Device operating system: Symbian Login (Account id): [email protected] Internet connection type: wlan(256-1000kb) Main server: RU-Amber so i sent to sms coin and here is the massagehi .i used your sevices from here [/size]http://warspear-online.com//en/account/buy-miracle-coins/index.php[/size] to buy 100 ingame credit in a game called warspear online witch use your sms payment way but after sending 9 sms i only lost credit with out [/size]receiving any ingame credit in warspearonline[/size]i talked with the support of warspear online but they sayed that my payment isnt in their archive and i should contact you[/size] here is the information of my payment[/size]date:2012/5/4[/size]sms text:dam 10642 731136short number:6982country:iraqoperator :Zain-IQmy number:07819168534(+9647819168534)payment type:from the phone game client replay:"you ordered services of www.smscoin.com project price is IQD1200. www.webtopay.com." from 6980[/size]cost of massage: I SENT 9 SMS AND EACH ONE TAKEN 1200 IQD from my phone credit and they sayed that they have no record to my payment and i should contact my operator witch insists that i had 9 transferrs from my phone bill and they was successfully done sorry because i didnt provide the smscoin replay because it was in the spam folder for some reason and i set my spam to clear its self every week even though i provided every detail the smscoin sayed so now what after 3 months of running around from a money making company to another money making company witch every one of them blame the other and who is the biggest loser? obviously me so please people help me fast because im really getting bored of keep asking for help with no solution at all
  9. hi im alevel 16 druid i just barely finished shadows of berenger and every other story quests but granit guard and no story quests seams to appear just daily quest also after i finished shadows of berenger i was told to go to camp gadspel and travell to other island i just dont know how :facepalm:
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