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  1. I will lie if I say I didn't laugh
  2. I can help with some GP when I'm on, but can't promise you anything Tsja, I easlly get hooked to shit and will probably destroy your entire guild in my tard dramas in less then 5minutes, believe, I can and did that xD
  3. Maybe I didn't say it the right way. Would you please change my name into "Calamity" Thanks in advance.
  4. Everyone has his own best guild, there is no "best guild" for everyone. One's best guild is the guild that really wants him in for his self, no matter how retarded his self is.
  5. Please, change my name into Calamity. the radiant shit is over.
  6. It's over, No regret. This sorrowful shit.
  7. I'm sorry guys, Lexi must have must understood me, I said to her I would love to join but I can't right now, no need for votes, I'm very happy you guys even wasted time voting or thinking about :) Btw, I read that pheonixfly is joining,I want you all to know she is exacly what abc look for, She treat others like family mates, she is the best in general :) And Zethu, I wish if you voted No, the fact is you been such a good a friend to me and all I did is suddenly bullshiting you to amuse spanish since he had shit with you and have his Yes back then, None of the ones who voted yes to me have an idea who am I, there are mutch more better persons out there, the only reason I joined last time was lies and bull, the fact is Cindy was right Truth Do hurt Edit: not to mension that I tryed to have an affair with half of abc ladies :D
  8. Well, I'm quiet sure Gi won't like it when she reads what you two right(write,ducking spelling, ducking hearts ) ANYWAY, I don't want the updated page, as long as good ol friends like born read this page then it is more then updated to me.
  9. I recently bought a 3DS and I must say: best games I played so far are YuGiUh and Pokimon, never got bored with these two.
  10. Lol so let me get, is Rose the boyfriend or the girlfriend e.e How is everyone, I can tell you guys for sure that either jamie or leo are play-boys. Infact, jamie gets attracted to males more C: To many to name, ones who I want to say hello to knows who they are :)
  11. Wew, still no PvP feature? The proplem with getting ganged was that it felt like scratching, the more you scratch the more you want to scratch xD Dunno if anything has changed :/
  12. The funny is, many members got the "retired" * except for me,the one who haven't played in 4monthes and never got to enter the in-game guild with his char xD who are you everyone :D ? I checked the game like a week ago but haven't seen any new skills, the only "big" change was the minions. I didn't get to check, did devs add a PvP function? Anyway, hope you all are alright,I only got to speack with pummy and gabby in-game a week ago so don't know if they sent my regards to every friend in here :) Edit: and No, quit is a quit, the game still doesn't worth the shit ._.
  13. they all sucks, specially zethu best bd Jayrox I quit anyway, I always wanted to see his reaction for saying this
  14. still addicted to his amp after this long time wtf xD somethings never change ._.
  15. lol. want be a good price? be 100k some retarded joke ._. anyway,as the guy up said, and use the sun/astral lvl18 medallion and lvl17 astral rings, not to mention lab lvl17 astral belt . make the 5 armistice 3 armistice and 3 word power for being unbeatable ♥♥♥♥tard
  16. lol,this must be a new one, good luck livefox,so is for nimerity some of the best elvens I ever knew :friends: I hope your guild mates treat you as an example to follow in a lot of stuff.
  17. shitley xD first shitzo,now shitley, do you have a monthly shiting period or what ._. to much to post, anyway you all know what would I say.
  18. lol, gerza quit too :o I would of dedicated this moment to post the history of gabby's female rogue xD but I deleted it ._. good luck.
  19. wew, I hope I'm not late,lucky you I saw Kblitz topic and thought of scrolling down to see if there is any other funny shit xd , other wise I would of said the usual "hello, missin you all.." shit in a few random topics then leave lol So my ♥♥♥♥tard friend is leaving?. damn carlos, you been the only friend I had who can compared to me in the ♥♥♥♥tardness level, people call it "competitive behavior" I guess xD Will miss a lot bud, if I ever had the chance to visit Spain make sure I will consider visiting you :friends: at least you had the mind to quit this dumshit game 8) To be Honest, 3 months ago when I decided to quit warspear and sent my last massage to Bianca I thought of coming back, but an hour later a bomb exploded in the cafe I was in, I was fine but my phone became like million pieces, I was like "god sure knows it is the best for me to quit this game" xd BTW, I see that you haven't put my name in your list, one word, Regards, if you know what I mean[/size]xD
  20. Lol boss shitzo? If I didn't know you better I would of said you named yourself this way just to impress lexi, but I know you better xD One of these times when one breack all expectations Like the time Odjur and his wife tryed to teach Elliut how to use his hands xD or the time my tears crited and multipled +4k, even budd couldn't beat that lol ._.
  21. Forget it chris, consider them as a goodbye gift bro :friends: You will laugh if I tell you the shield skin story xD
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