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  1. Ironicly,most of the convos one have with Lexi end up with the milf topic,have you ever heard my theories about milf in tradechat xD
  2. The shitty half assed gaymie decided to quit after the realization that christo isn't interested in him by any means Putting jokes a side,can't agree anymore with the part of other games million times better,though deleting chars still seems reckless but well,it's not that I'm the best one to lecture you about this matter xD I won't even bother guessing what will you do in your gay way in other games' communities,old habits die hard e.e Yo Carlos,sup man bro,big regards for both of you and Jamie :D Gotta say,your best ever doing in warspear is the code of regarding xD Doesn't matter anyway,you can amp for heal lol?,warpsear's mum is ducked :bomb:
  3. Wtf? Why would Gi quit? The vortex was returned,why would she quit? Jim you better try convincing her to step by from time to time otherwise I will hunt you when I come back... Can't but to say, good bye Gi,I'll never forget you,just come back ducktard ;_; *Goes to a corner,hiding his head between his legs,as his first real friend in Us has left him*
  4. Don't worry xavi,carlos will come back playing 24/7 when ever a new shit comes up,I know my wh0re :D
  5. Lol,Lordyasir no longer exists,but as far as I know Notawolf has started to play again,and he is currently the best undisputed and still playing priest Eu server has to offer. Try to stalk him where ever he goes,ask him what ever you want to know and watch him in every pvp he does and learn,as long as he doesn't add you to his ignore list then it's ok xDD
  6. Well well,I'll try to list every combo I remember xD If you're facing a healer then cast word power on him when his healing skill's cool down is over. Cast word power on enemy necro when he use deadly eye at once because he will nightmare you after that to complete his combo and end up eating your word power. In pvping,If you use armistic on an enemy don't bother running/kiting when he is a melee except for 1-2 steps to get the first hit advantage as armistic sucks in kiting,insteed you should Heal/shield and then use word power on him right when armistic fades. When facing a warlock,use armistic right when circle's cd is over and he is about to use it then heal/shield and move away if he used puddles with circle too then use word power when armistic fades as this would make him waste puddle/circle and alot of mana eating word power when he fear you when armistic ends. Use armistic against a Dk right when he pull you as that will waste his pull and exhale too as dks usually use exhale right after pulling,and after that generally use armistic when he uses his exhale to waste it. Use armistic against barbs right after they charge on you if their charge's stun effect fails,this would waste their charge and already ready to use blow and chop,then use armistic generally when ever his blow's cd is over Never have a problam with running/kiting against melees in arena even for healing full HP as being called a shameless fighter is way better then being called the guy with the worst wins/loss rate,true story from a personal experiance -_- Heal whose HP is lowest and shield who is under most attacks,even though that is a general idea anyone who's not a fulltard would realise xD Use armistic on rangers when you see their blessing activated then word power right when armistic fades,I think I have said the shit enaugh already,ALWAYS use word power on the enemy after your armistic on him fades xD Ofc,most of the above combos work with the build of 5 heal, 3 shield, 3 armistic , 3 word power and 3 tears And how can I not write,when ever you are facing a rogue in an open area use tears on a mob after using armistic on him,the tear might multiple on him and the mob will break his gouge when ever he gouges you. Finally,when you're facing more then one enemy,always armistic the one with high stun effect and not the one with higher damage, classes with highest stun effect are Warlocks,bds,exhaled dks and high blind shamans, and yes,beside warlocks' stuns there is nothing worst for a priest than bds' ham WILL ONE SHOT YOU xDD And here is a tip of how to kite melees,walk 2-3 tiles to a side then run in the other side which the melee is coming from,as he was following you he will reach you and stop running towards you because of armistic's effect then he will just watch as you run in the other side except for ones who're smart enaugh to click on you again after they reach you and stop. In other words: enemy left to you->you armistic him->walk 2 tiles to right->you walk again to left and start kiting/running towards the left direction Oh and if you were one of those priests who doesn't even use word power and armistic at all in fights and have them both lvl1 then GG,this is like playing a ranger with lvl1 blessing.
  7. Had to come back here xD I was watching helsing and I found out what does the "Release Control Art Restriction to Level Zero" shit you kept repeating over and over mean lexi,some epic shit :lol: And seriously? school days? sora no otoshimono? you shameless perverted gaymie xD
  8. Faith in humanity restored. I guess I own support team a sorry,all my tough words was meant to motovate you into doing an action towards this total injustice,sorry.And a specific tard has won the bet,dam it I doubt I will pay you lol,I wish if I listened to you :snorlax: As the vortex is on its way back,my time here has ticked away,ceya in a few months. Fail bbcodes -_- Dam it,Lol I haven't used forum in monthes ._.
  9. Just wondering,why haven't I got the quit "*" yet lol? Ladygi should be Lazygi -_- And seth flames were deleted :/ We need more players like seth,like Warlunatic doing the dirty work for us or something XD
  10. Lol, seth,is this your 3rd forum account or something xd
  11. Ye,their rules are to help scammers finish their jobs? They are screwing up badly once again,I didn't see them miss any kind of efforts when ever any problam with mcoins happened This is no easier way to say this,they simply suck,if I ever had the power,I would hunt Aigrind legelly for life. Yet again I ask,what kind of people are you? Anyway,thank you all for support :( [spoiler=for mecha]Dude,seriously what legel problems? If AoA got scammed,won't devs recover it at once for hassn? And guess what,Roland comes to other topic implying that "Pummy was scammed and the vortex was lost because he opened some malware" I mean wtf,isn't it their game that lacks the least kind of security in first place? Lol I bet they didn't even mind to encrypt saved login info and left it as some "Logindetaila.txt" or something This game lacks everything, and when Security bunch of ignorants not giving a shit about any thing but their $$ Pumpers running, Man,I won't lie,I didn't really care about the +1000$ spent in vortex This whole game never worthed +1$ for me as I never bought a single coin It is the ducked up fact of 30 players 24/7 hardworking for half a year The fact that many one will quit over some shit caused by this game's none exicted security,and that they are like a single button away from recovering everything Bottom line,helping others has never been that easy,and if u reread the story you would easly realise even with a 5 Year-old mind that none of this is pummy's fealt,any no lifer nerd can make a malware to get login info,and there will be victims like this everyday still they choose to duck everyone up,damn it does this mean EVERYONE who plays ws can't open any .exe shit lol,he thought it was somegame's patch for duck sake No matter which way I choose to look at this,All I see is poor souls as victims of support team unbelievable ignorance and greed
  12. Shaman king Blade Devil May Cry Case closed Naruto when good shit on Shaman king was probably the best,too bad they didn't make a sequel based on the sequel manga "Shaman king flowers", still reading every new volume Case closed is epic too,it gets into hardcore detailing without making it complicated and killing the main story like one piece Helsing not bad too XD even though demons hunters animes are ganeraly fun to watch as DMC and blade Dunno about the Merai Nikki ,haven't watched any animes from a while,will check first episode and see if it is worth to watch XD List me moar worthy animes next time
  13. Wow,this is just some real high levels of ignorance And for you support team to finalize it,you banned the scammer acc which has the lead of the vortex to make sure we can't buy back or come into any sort of reasoning with him GG As scammers weren't enaugh,we have to deal with scammers and support team who're appearing to support scammers more than fair players them selves.
  14. Lol,I was told this by Xherodark,I don't even know about these new shit,I guess he missunderstood some shit I look like a fulltard now probably -_- But this changes nothing,vortex was lvled by friendship of steel,if devs don't recover it,they would be lossing alot of faith if humanity
  15. I'm not saying I accept times when dev didn't recover guilds,they should of have recovered "Hind" or whatever was it called when it was lost,it is wronge in first place to not recover guilds and people hardwoking This can be a new bright start for the support section of warspear Or they should look in the past and say "We made mistakes before,we SHOULD make them again and again" ? I thought one learns from his mistakes not to do them,but you people seem to have the idea of learning not to feel bad or any kind of regret when doing them after doing them for so many times
  16. Guys,is it true if a guild leader doesn't log in 10 days and there was no one but him in guild the guild gets deleted? I might have pushed it but I was thinking is that they banned the scammer,means no one can log that account,also means the vortex will be deleted in 10 days,doesn't that mean anything to them? Would giving a gurrenty that vortex won't be lost hurt them? Not to mention that making such a feature is like adding a self auto distruct button to a car which lack alot of stuff,still they dedicate their time making such a things without giving a bit of care about the things players want badly. I'm sorry I might have pushed it too far but their ignorance is what pushed my buttons, support team,just give vortex back please,I said the magic word :( [spoiler=nvm this,it is for support team] and beside that,how can this be player's fuilt by anyway? Isn't it your game that lacks security? Pummy clearly stated that he didn't right his login info,means the trojan wasn't a key logger,it got into game files and took the saved login info How could an online game be without a security shield application that doesn't allow outside apps to deal with the game while it's running Lol,I bet you made some "Logininfo.txt" with login info in it some where in game folders,shouldn't be encrypted and can't be readed except by the game client and saved deeply withen game files? This is like micrpsoft saving pc login from username to password info in some Users/User/Userinfo.txt Your game lacks the least kind of security,what u expect but scammers everyday? Not to mention,there wouldn't be mutch scammers if there was a friendly dedicated support team that recover stuff withen minutes,scammers will be like "if I scam him,he will press "report" and support 24/7 team will reset password and restore all stuff I done withen 5min" But no,ones wait weeks for the simplest measures Lol I wonder how long did it take u to just change my forum name,1week? 2 weeks? This support team is a fail and idc what will u do about me saying this,the must shitty apps have a dedicated team that response,restore all losts and fix the shit withen minutes Just ♥♥♥♥ this,glad I quit,at least press the "unban" button so we buy the vortex from the scammer,but ye,you WILL prove all my points and leave the vortex to death in 10 days (your lovely troll ♥♥♥♥ing feature) and not mind pressing a button as if we were just your money pumpers Last words,like 1100$ was paid for building the vortex as pummy stated,alot of vortex members and our friends would quit if vortex was lost,we asked in the nicest way to have vortex back,you would make a bunch of people(kids in heart) exteremly sad if vortex was lost and the scammer is getting exacly what he wants which is ending the vortex(with your support to him ofc) How does that makes you feel? And what kind of people are you? Ps:idc if u ban my forum or my game ids,infact,I will send them in a "report to mod" buttons so u can ba them too,none of vortex members harmed you by anyway,restore vortex then do anyshit you about anything I said
  17. Desperate times call for desperate actions. I just learned that if you don't recover the vortex in 10 days it will get deleted,seriously were you mindducked when you added this feature? This is like adding a self distruct button to a car,again,were you mind ducked,drugged or something when you made this feature? Idc if u block my forum account or ban all my chars,I will expose Snorlax' paladin name in Eu if the vortex doesn't get recovered and gets deleted,just recover it for duck sake. I have already quit and have nothing to loss,please don't push it and let the creator of vortex has it back and bring us justice.
  18. Guys,ducking be optimistic ffs :( Gi C'mon,giving up so easy? And for others Vortex will remine alive as long its members are alife,devs will return vortex,i'm 100% sure of,it would ducking sad the day i came forum vortex was lost :( If devs had faith in humanity...
  19. Can't believe this,I installed ws right after I read it guys and no one of you is online,fealt that strange pain in stomach when u see something close to u being lost and you can't do anything :( Support,for the sake of humanity,Idk how vortex was scammed but pls return it for it's owners,I always read about people sell their accounts then recover them cause they are original owners,why can't you recover vortex to the one who created it with a unity sign in first place? It is stupid as duck that account get recovered to original owner and guild,which takes up to 30 members hard working to lvl it,can't be recovered to original owner while they worth mutch more then someone's account,Shame on me saying "worth" ,the vortex can't be valued,it stands for the friendship of a group who met and created it in first place,Same like how someone's char name important to him cause it stands for something that u guys keep lvl1s for years even though many players want their names. Bottom line,please,for once in the 2 years you spent as ws devs team,don't be ignorants,jim's edited pictures reflect what I feel atm.
  20. Eternity guild had for like 5-10 minutes, I left my self before I get kicked after I told some really dirty joke in guild chat ._.
  21. 5Heal 5Shield 3Word 3Armistic Best healer set,unbeatable by warlocks. 3 Tear 3 Word 3Armistic 3Shield 5Heal Best PVP against all classes, middle healer.
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