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  1. xD Here is the list,anyone who volunteer is welcomed since some screenshots are hard to take,just take the ones you can at your free time,no hardcore HD 3d quality needed xD The List 1) Standing in town with full hp and maa 2) Cast armistic on a warlock -> The warlock casts circle on you -> you stand on circle unstunned and take screenshot before armistic's duration ends. 3) Cast armistic on an enemy -> cast harad tear on other enemy -> a tear mlutiple hits the enemy with armistic on him, and you take screenshot of it. 4) A screenshot of a large number of harad tear multiples, at least 2k damage in total at least. (try at aa with full party,let each party member igro a group mobs then keep casting tears till u get a perfect one) 5) A screenshot of dungeon boss after draining its mana with word power, less then 50% of boss's mana left in the screenshot if possible 6)A screenshot of critical healing touch with lvl3 or more paladin aura, 1500 at least if possible 7) You party member fights an enemy in the side of the map -> you stand on the other side of the map and cast harad tear on a neaby target on your side of the map -> take a screenshot when a tear multiple hits the enemy who is attacking your party member 8 ) Go to the map in the screenshot [image]http://­i43.tinypic.com/wugdwh.png[/image] Then stand in the middle of the stair near the teleporter,in this spot one mob will come to attack you,keep casting harad tear on it,then take a screenshot when a tear multiple hits the breath catcher. Wai u delete my post :' ( Srsly,wth lol? Just delete when u receive a report :snorlax:
  2. do u want to take afew screenshots with it and allow me to use them with credit given :snorlax: ?
  3. wai u team with caza :' ( ,wai wai... . . . Bitchin.
  4. do u have a priest :snorlax: ?
  5. well u weren't the last :snorlax:
  6. Thanks brah,im touched IM REALLY TOUCHED :bomb:Anyway,mecha hitten my weak spot,i know my limits and his,my english is just not good for it,no way left to encounter him except getting clumsy :bomb: have a feel Anyway,i was sleepy and half my posts were mindducked :bomb: @swaaz meh,my whole change was from "I wanted to balance classes at warspear" to "I wanted to add new weapon at warspear" xD Anyway,who wants to take me afew screenshots with his priest and let me use them for my guide :bomb:,credit will be given and the list of my requested sses is so simple :snorlax:
  7. there is a small detail that i want to add,can make norlant an endless money source without having to wait till next day's daily quests :bomb: Quest norlant aquadicts,since killing the 5 mobs which drop lvl13 jewellery doesn't finish the quest,u can kill the last mob then cencel the quest :bomb: then retake it and reach the aquadicts map for another round of lvl13 stuff :D Got more than 5 lvl13 equips that way in one day using that :snorlax:
  8. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=101958.0Doubt lexi would have kept it without deleting if she was the mod of that board,even though it is simple,clear and precise,no one can disagree with it as everyone wanted balanced classes and new weapon,what current mods is are doing surpasses by far just spreading the rules :bomb: And I think it is frank that Im doing it on purpose,too much ideality will have different effects,notice how my topic attracted raging despite its ultimately simple clumsiness :snorlax:
  9. im failing to catch ur point lol
  10. I would feel better with an offcial answer :snorlax:
  11. Poll added! Please vote,like,share,comment and subscribe!
  12. xDD feel lesson #1,a drama where everyone is a losser doesnt worth joinin :snorlax: a drama where everyone is a winner is a must to join :bomb:
  13. well i will lie if i just say no,and giving a no with exceptions would make a novel :snorlax:
  14. hay devs,i want to know if it was legal to take afew information from a friend,and give him credit in the guide like this "Extra credit goes to Ladygi for extra information" and is it legal to look at other guide as a basic structure for my guide,without taking any information,just the way of orgenizing the guide with credit given? Also,is it legal to put links to an already offcial guides withen the guide itself like this "There is also lvl16 Purple items bought with spacial currency called Crimson Corundum(usually referred to as cc) Full details about cc and cc items can be found here http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=7338.0 A full map of relic location(relic is the most common daily quest for earning cc) can be found here (Thanks to born identities) http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=86730.0 " with credit given?
  15. this shit went intirely gay with new mods,can't flame,can't rage on devs,can't start a drama,can't off topic,can't spam,even the hellshit bro was terminated,off to enjoy the least bit of freedom left in suggestions board :snorlax: xD @mechafeel
  16. profile=>modify profile=>account settings=>uncheck "Show others my online status" how does it feel to loss virginti 8) ?
  17. lol jamie,i was jokking xD,dont tell me u took my advice for real and switched hidden mode -_-,hidden mode sucks,just watch how lex and chris are doing the bossy shit without it,and won't be making a good mod by raging on everyone with different pvping sence than u xDD
  18. gl wid de guild or something i dunno :snorlax:
  19. lmfao xDDso the feeeeel shit is adding that face to anything :D
  20. lol,that post sounded ghey,pretty guide,pretty born :D
  21. xDD wtf lol,ignoring him again would have taken less time than reporting the "bug" :snorlax: surpriced that jamie didnt rage at all xD
  22. yo born i will be borrowing your map for my guide for lvl16 cc equips part :blush: btw i understand quitting the game but why delete your chars :snorlax: ? and ffs,it's me lordyasir,why do everyone act as if they dont know me,i just changed my name ppl :' (
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