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  1. Had headaches,went forum,replaced them with feels.
  2. Yo folks,and don't forget to douche the next retarded stranger flaming on Gi randomly : D Till the next time :give_rose:
  3. Please,change my name into "Ren Ashdoll"
  4. Hell yeh,I won xD I want to thank my mum for not giving me enough attention which is why I'm here then others' mums for ALL THE LOVELY NIGHTS : D . . . ♥♥♥♥♥in :D Oh and send my guide to priest's section before deleting this post for excessive amount of retardness :D
  5. Meh,I wouldn't make fun of someone's religion no matter how it sound to me. I remember there was a part in the holy Quran saying "Don't insult others' gods so they don't insult yours" my translation xD sounds much better in arabic :/
  6. Says my heart breaker aka alicemoon :'( dam it,thought i would find the contest over logging after 2 weeks -_-
  7. :facepalm: Wew,I used to rampage badly with fires to get a good drama,now it seems forums are gazolinated wood logs waiting for any spark to start the ignition :facepalm: I dunno what do people get from my posts,but I held no intention to start a drama nor offend anyone,people may got me wronge,i didn't say that lexi is a bad mod,i just said that she is overdoing it,she is pushing herself in a splendid way to take everything seriously as if it was a real job,it would be a praise from some views,and I wouldn't have said it to any random mod. I'm not even sure why did everyone get fired up for a drama just because of my half-jokkingly post towards lexi,and about the drama thing,reread my post and you will realise that I simply stated that MY OTHER POST IN OTHER TOPIC was ment to start a drama with JAYROX,no post of mine in here was ment to spark anything. I'm sorry for starting the drama,I like to talk lightly with others and I didn't see anyone offended nor displeased from my posts for the last week,didn't expect such a thing suddenly. Well,guess it can't be helped,I just do no good with others,at least I'm now sure of my choice,was a fun and refreshing week of spamming after monthes of quiting forum despite that I simply ignored any chance of someone snapping. Sorry for the drama,sorry for the novel,may peace remine sustained and ceya for afew monthes :give_rose: Someone bombed this shit :bomb:http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=101958.0
  8. not that carly used to say anything different xD
  9. :snorlax: Well that was... unexpcted zzzzZZ Never thought giving some constructive advice would turn out like this xD,anyway u dnt seem lecturing ppl around,it just seemed k since ik lexi :snorlax: Or is it that my drama hoe powers neturaly give effects? Either way,this turned out to be troublesome :/ To try to fix the shit, or just leave till ppl chill and cool up on their own :snorlax: ?
  10. Carly call fail mcs former elves,while Zeth call fail elves former mcs,I can see a pattern here xD
  11. well,lvl5 is too much and i won't recommend it,lvl3 is good for casual players but if u r into pvping much,i would recommend 4word 5heal 4shield and 3 armistic,this one is good for pvping one target since u can almost cycle word and armistic on enemy,if i recall right, lvl5 word would remine for 5 or more seconds,consuming the amount egoist stated,50-60% that is
  12. Again i fail to see how a casual none offending post with no actual report about it gets deleted while a crystal clear drama spark gets a warning :snorlax: Meh,i don't want to teach u,but u need to be tought as u r doing it wronge lol,behaving myself? I didn't offend anyone,neither irritated anyone,mere critism shouldn't be taken in an offending way :snorlax: What's next? You will get paranoid about lossing mod state for every "gay" being said on your watch?
  13. :snorlax: Feel lesson #2 the worst kind of dramas when all the fire gets mixed up and you realise it only after you annihilate your own comrades :snorlax: even worse when it is type 1 from the core yet u get blinded that it is type 2 -_-
  14. :facepalm: My post was ment to catclean lol Anyway,im out of this,should have realised way sooner from the style of writing -_- Geez with ppl's ego lol,some people are just stuck in the past for real,let me give a weird examble as well,will u move on if a friend deleted all your chars but u know that he was just cought in a moment of rage? imo one should get the better of his pride no matter what the shit is forgiving doesn't make one weak neither make him clueless
  15. lol u mean like % of def? How much xD
  16. lol sory,i just read the last 2 posts of lex and jamie ♥♥♥♥♥ing about mages :snorlax: but dont mages have 13% magic def with lvl5 shield? Sounds op with new magic def stacked Same feeling here bro :)
  17. i gues u never bought mcoins,and had that feel of being ripped of :snorlax:
  18. Brah,don't even bother trying,the drama hoe place needs natural born bosses :bomb: about the sses,don't push yourself,i really didn't read that battery shit lol,but i wasn't planing to put sses anyway,just thought about it then decided to passivly ask since the guide look a bit clear moar with sses :D
  19. Lol,some mods are being over paranoid about the whole mod thing :snorlax: Idk about u,but imo swazz is being the #1 mod atm,the guy is chilled,taking his work lightly without being over protective,just get rid of slang shit when it is ment to offend others,then comes gi and mecha,idk about the others but you are not a robot nor you are modding some five-star bank,just keep forums free from shit offending others or dramas,spams are k until people get annoyed to the point of reporting it,idk about everyone but tavern,class discussions,and guides are #1 forum sections atm for me And @the random brah with weirdo exambles,if u r so offended by someone's flaming on the internet,i recommend you to quit forums,might as well take your diapers with you,as for the scamming thing,voice who is he outloud with evidence,even without evidence if you really believe it,no need to go around implying stuff because u actually sound like a scammer yourself doing that :snorlax:
  20. @zeth I think it is far more than just spelling,try to have a convo with me at midnight lol :snorlax: @Lex So when I try to start a drama with jayrox you only warn me,but when I have a casual convo with terms like "wtf" or "gay" without offending anyone you delete it? I think they could have used a better filter than mods then,you don't just randomly delete posts with flaming,you delete posts that OFFEND others even if it didn't have any flames :snorlax: @mecha Yep,can u do me those 8 before 19th this month?
  21. why not teleport before enemy uses circle?
  22. a new term needs creation here, "gg quit topic" i guess xD ?
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