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  1. Haffann


    I was playing Warspear, doing quests etc. A player GMaster wrote into trade chat: For ingame help pm GMaster. People were making fun from him, then. Is he official gamemaster that helps novices? he don't answer my questions... Is he developer? who is he? :facepalm:
  2. Haffann


    i d like to buy some :) but on which server do u play?
  3. yes, i think that this was the best update ever and im enjoying this free game now too! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  4. THIS (free game+skills) IS THE BEST UPDATE EVER SO WHY ARENT YOU ENJOYING IT?????? :crazy: yeaaah :yahoo:
  5. RU and EU servers are off again :facepalm: ??
  6. I know that developers have alot of work, they can't do new update in a sec.. ;)
  7. My phone is called Orange Boston. It works very very good and [shadow=red,left]Warspear Online is d best game ewer!!!!!![/shadow]
  8. looks very great, good job, developers :) :yahoo: :give_rose:
  9. that's great! :yahoo: but when skills PVP arenas update? :pardon:
  10. After update, i can't write private message to other players, i think it's a bug. When the keyboard on chat shows, i can't type. I have to quit the game and start it again to write. My friends plays this on phone and has this bug, too. PC players hasn't this problem. :shok: ?? I can't understand English well, so please easy replies. Thank you.
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