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  1. Berserk was already on commander room. Magna blocked karma, aoal and polishteam from disturb them. On this 2 videos you can easily see it, so stop making up bullshit
  2. lol randoms doing gossip about the alliance without having real clue of what happened. Karma and elasiri were disrespecting rest guilds on world chat 24/7 bragging how they were going to rape everyone on castles and conquer all of them, all this for weeeks. They also bullied some people of those guilds with personal stuff on world chat. So of course magna and berserk didnt want them to win (elasiri is now aoal), berserk would helped magna too
  3. I bet all of them made DKs or Barbs after counter nerf
  4. It was a good chance to see better wars, rich and lazy MCs would finally participate
  5. how i can make a new class to test stuff? each time i make new account im 0 mcoin 0 gold... i only can test my main account classes...
  6. Will castles capture happen tomorrow too?
  7. Crying about warlock being weak AFTER they got huge buffs?? Are you ducking serious or you cant read?? Warlock now can destroy enemy energy/mana, heal after immunity and their damage passive crit and power % is doubled.... they didnt got ANY nerf, in fact they never did since release years ago, they always been OP 1 You can dodge/parry (maybe block) BD hamstring wich is 2 yard while barb chargue can be 7 yard. 2 Counter is not back, most BDs were saying on test server that still sucks MC/Forsaken didnt receive a single nerf, just buffs... even DK reserves got buff , quote from a DK player above: Posted 15 hours ago ''Reserves didn't get nerf. They increased the heal but with a short time... They also increased the "life trigger" when it is at 4/4. In the end the reserve is better than before.'' Classes that got nerf are are elven/chosen: mage barrier, druid song, warden fortification, so stop talking bullshit. The day developers give to elf/chosen classes full control skills you will have brain shock dear...
  8. Agree, devs should modify some stats cap. In my opinipn resilence should cap at 40-45%
  9. Meanwhile your Seeker with 4/4 inner rage gets 25% power when HP low and not a single stun/silence like all DKs have. I would be mad if i were you xD
  10. All changues seem cool i expected a bit more of class balance/nerfs. Warlock passive definitely shouldnt have been buffed the double of what it was before... also giving them heal burst after stone skill is overkill Giving two extra pets to Charmer ( i think cd is 15 seconds from what i saw on russian topic) is too much on their current state. They can stack their OP passive before fight. It also heals them, they will heal more than shaman/druid with 2 bird + normal heal?? BD counter does not seem that strong, need to see it on action, seems balanced skill Giving even more burst to rogues may need hot fix if is too much Druid song nerf was deserved, they got other buffs Ranger looks interesting now and could be less frustrating to play with Necro and Mage changues look cool Warden nerf deserved Seeker may be a god on PvE now, on PvP it all depends what amount of power inner rage gives them I wont comment about barb getting buffed and DK not getting nerfed, seems some developers playing those classes on russian servers, have fun devs
  11. I had no problem to say that druids are OP and BD in some circunstances. Long time i dont see MCs saying elves are OP, atleast in game. Most of the time they mocking them how they suck on arena, lol You are right about the first thing. But DKs can autosilence after pull anyway. Charmer stun on 5 yard right but dark prism can be enhanced to work on 7 yard, that + dogs is too much zoning potential even aganist warlock. You can max 2 expert skills and some no need to be 4/4 to be strong enough
  12. "Only"?? 2 complete stuns, one of them wich can be unstoppable as 7 yard, and their stun cycle with shield strike locks opponent for what, 8 seconds? Blessing was nerfed and sometimes does not work at all, hunters own them PvP with all their crowd control. They also have 12% extra crit wich can be considered as "blessing" since crit is double damage. You just said BD>casters?? really?? shaman, warlock and druid should be really dumb to let a BD hamstring them, im agree with the damage of hamstring/rush combo being too high though but casters own BDs... Barbs with combat fury buff + defeat after chop deal too much dmg and +10s can nuke casters/or light armor after chargue from 7 yard, then shield strike (wich is not needed sometimes). Not even warlocks can stop them using dark circle on themselves since barbarian nature makes them immune to cc and dark circle does stun at 6 yard if using it that way Charmers not dealing too much damage? :D Their passive knowledge of the deadman damage is ducking broken, and 2x dogs deal ton of dmg. You should PvP Lyzois on EU to see the broken damage charmers have at the moment He also heal crazy amount of HP and can full stun enemy, ask him about his build DKs deal lower hybrid damage but still too much for all they have in my opinion Making the build = 30 seconds, for stun cycling you just need 1 hour of practice and you are set lol, but ill respect your opinion as well I meant too OP classes migrate toxic players to them, most of them wich are kids that want play the unbalanced/unchecked stuff every patch. If developers bring back old counterattack of Bladedancer you will see many DKs/Charmers/Barbs going to elf side since BD is also easy to play as the trinity. Thats what i meant
  13. Charmer/DK/Barbarian are the true cancer of this game now, they use heavy armor+shield with a lot of defensive passive/active abilities, too tanky, too long full stun chains, too much damage skill ratios even with 1 handed weapon, and the heals this classes have are just ducking dumb honestly... can go full hp again instant easily also ONLY this 3 classes have 7 yard instant stun (with relic, no other class can make their stun like that, for example druid root is 5 yard) there is nothing you can do aganist them and worse if you are a barbarian since you can be immune to stuns Warlocks and Druids are too strong too but on arena you can kill them with good coordination or if they missplay unlike the godlike trinity above Many people say BD is too OP but i would say they are ok/balanced even if i hate them, if BDs hamstring they probably deal more damage than even a Ranger, but bear in mind hamstring is 2 yard, rush helps them a bit but they are not too strong on arena, you can kill them there :) But im agree they have dumb damage for a tank class Honestly a nerf/tweak to Charmer/DK/Barbarian is the best thing it can happen for community and even for people playing those clases, people dont have much respect for players that play them since it dont take skill to kill everyone.. and also those classes are full of toxic players that just think they are the best. I myself used friend OP charmer and at first it was fun being a god, but later on it gets boring owning people no matter what they try to do
  14. Nadir gives almost no guild points anyway i think its fair, if high lvl guilds spend stamina on that dungeon it will decrease their chances to win current tour. They should increase reward for being #1 tour winner before focus on other mean things, right now CC has almost no value
  15. wonder if they are going to nerf barbs someday
  16. Seekers are worst than rogues on PvP... Why you tell him to not make rogue?? They are the most played class on EU and they have highest burst damage of game. You can instant one shot ranger/druids with the right build + high amp and poison dmg is high also. And you can win 1vs1 vs melee classes like BD with dodge skill build If you stay on low lvl arena or have medium +5 +7 amps dont expect to rape everyone 1v1 like you would do with warlock or druid...
  17. You also can use potions and autoattack while rooted, on most MC stuns you cant autoattack or use potion
  18. Elves are more motivated to win war and they usually have more people joining wars and better leaders. Many rich/OP MCs just keep doing arena or stay on pvp cave seeking more 1v1s with their permacontrol class Usually the faction who attacks first has more chance to win since is easier go from one town to another after killing a flag, blocking third flag is kinda easy on both factions. the main goal should be fight for BG cave since who camps there can bait enemies to block 1 entrance and then you can just run to another bg cave exit when war start
  19. Thanks for remind me, yea had to be another MC class hunters 13 seconds control and well druids can get full control forever with right build (if song doesnt fail) If you read the skill description: ''Removes all negative effects, including controlling effects from the character or its ally...'' it should be like Urscrewed suggested but changued so you couldnt cast it on your ally, just use it on yourself since mages shouldnt have that powerfull support skills . So it can be considered nerf in some way Anyway mages are in a good spot now and there are a lot of classes to nerf/buff first. When we talk about PvP most of the times doesnt mean only 1vs1 but arena... In most servers lvl 28 arena ranking is full of MC classes wich are stronger there thanks to all the unlimited stuns they have
  20. Actually it makes all the sense of the world and many classes should receive this skill since this game has 3 MC/Forsaken units (Warlock/Charmer/Deathknight) wich can single control you forever and there is no counterplay, window oportunity, nothing you can do, you cant even use potion.. just wait until you are dead. Is the most IMBA thing of this game, and i never saw this mechanic on any game without developers giving a lot of tools to counter it
  21. +1 rangers dead class on EU/US... and the ones who play it dead as well we can just dream and maybe @Daria hear us On russian forum they have a thread like this one but full of sarcasm, asking buffs to DK while joking so maybe developers see it faster xD They definitely need a big nerf but i think charmer is more cancer now on PvP, they have EVERYTHING lol. Rogues have few bad matchups PvP and arena like BD/mage/druid/charmer/warlock (they can win if they play good) but they overpopulated anyway because stealth, highest burst dmg/one shot chance and ganking potential..
  22. Los ranger son la peor clase ahora mismo en PvP y estan de acuerdo en este foro y en el ruso, blessing casi nunca funciona y no tiene stuns. El hunter te puede paralizar completamente por 13 segundos... solo necesita 5 para matarte. Es una broma lo que estan haciendo los devs, te aconsejo que mandes un email a soporte con los problemas ya que dudo se pasen por el subforo español...
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