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    Lashabi reacted to Akasha in [2018.09.13] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Release   
    1. I couldn't agree more with you. Excepting for that moderators can not do anything. Moderators are supervised by admins and owe them a reason to every action against other players on forum. You're a bit mistaken about it.
    I already required the removal of ban option from moderators, they have no need for that to moderate the forum, once there is the "restricting from posting indefinitely" option. It should have never been given in first place, even less to state any "power" or threat towards others. But in the meantime, I'm sure we won't have problems with bans without good reasons.. it can always be reported to someone above.

    2. Regarding deleted posts: unfortunately mods have partial access to deleted content only. Which means that we can see deleted posts for a short period of time and then It's up to the administrator to check whether they express violation of rules or not.
    Admins have really a lot to do and not always can pay attention to such details.. If you think that your post or anybody else's was unfairly deleted, please report and it will be verified by an admin!  
    3. if you're talking about "Man", this seems to be the actual reason: 
    Circumventing a Suspension / Ban
    This category includes:
    • Posting on another account
    • Having someone post on your behalf
    If a player is found to have participated in such actions, he/she will:
    • Be permanently banned from posting on the forums
    It makes sense if you think of a situation where a player has been banned by an admin on forum: in this case this player has proved to be harmful in a stage that he/she does no good to the game social circle itself not only to one moderator or some groups of player (e.g. DK or legion..) if you consider that admins have no game issues. They who deserve perma ban are threats to the good development of players and game itself.. usually you can't even separate them from forum and game, for example.: players who huff everyone for not doing what they want or xenophobics, racists, hackers, perverteds.. people with no common sense of respect to play a mmorpg and probably in real life too. 
    those people might take a treatment in real life, but Aigrind has right to protect the game community from these threats 🙂
    BUT at the moment the rules still give the ban option to mods and I am not aware of past situations, in which probably he deserved ban and he is elegible for re-ban! The current rules don't give a second chance to players on forum and I disagree only because I wouldn't let my company's audience being selected by third parts. (It has nothing to do with if I support moderators actions or not.. this is way above it). 
    Still I think if a player didn't disturb the whole community harmony, but a single group's peace only by having an opposite opinion, he has the right to still follow relevant game and information and max get a cooldown.. 
    Again, my opinion doesn't influence the current rules (we will see about the future.. in the future). Plus, I won't go through past situations that I don't know about.. I know thar idependently of anything Morgana could have already banned him again just by following the current the rules and did give him a new chance.. I can only believe that he dind't use it well. (but I don't have access to the post which justified his ban.. but he has already received warnings from the new admin even..) 
    I can only promise that I will keep doing the best I can to maintain the balance between forum users and the team as long as I'm here. 😉
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    Lashabi reacted to subhojeet in [2018.09.13] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Release   
    Someone of you banned me from a post without reason. There was nothing i said which can be bann.  
    Morgana's reply much rough, when higg's reply much polite.
    Because of you moderators. You should not show that you have power that you can do anything. We know you have power. But you guys directly says in chat. That wrong. Wrong impression creates here.
    If someone not use any violation word why delete reply or bann from post? just because he said or tried to show or compare between 2 class? 
    Forum is a area where all types of discuss happens related to game. Give respect to all. We are everything here. I saw mods miss behave to man name player. 
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    Lashabi reacted to aks in Discussing nerfed and op classes after update 7.7   
    No dk is immortal in town like warden. Event low amp warden with good gears are immortals.
    U said mechatank solod every thing in game?
    My dear freind i,am again coming back to question where his vedio where he solo elm or tp hard.
    Yes this game is not 1vs1, then why warden can soloed every in game
     Rest about horror that was too easy dg last year even bd can solo that, even many rouges did. 
     Im again asking same question (since u say dk and warden similar in defence) , try make dk  since u too rich u can amp easily to +10 no worry about that, then try solo dgs and elm like warden do
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    Lashabi reacted to subhojeet in Discussing nerfed and op classes after update 7.7   
    i can too with 2 hunter max fear and necro full infection. much easy. But tank should be +10(10000def)
    but i have left game. just checking forum with hope if there is any change.
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    Lashabi reacted to Omercix in Discussing nerfed and op classes after update 7.7   
    I have 8.5k def now ,
    and yes today I deleted the game from my phone too, I will stay here for discussing just like you.
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    Lashabi reacted to subhojeet in Discussing nerfed and op classes after update 7.7   
    With 100 life scroll. 
    When i was at elf before warden came. We killed elm many times with a pro pala tank(mrchamba)#1. 
    After warden came one good warden with 1 druid can solo hold all adds at elm. You should try a dk and go call 1 mobs at elm. u'll have answer.
    We will discuss tp hard later When you have sense. 
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    Lashabi reacted to Lexie in [2018.09.13] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Release   
    Now u can get several colors of craft materials depending on quality of gears (gray, green, blue, purple - colored gears) 
    e.g. You have the chance to get common, amplified, energy, and etheral catalysts from a single purple-colored aka unique weapon
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    Lashabi reacted to Blazeferno in [2018.09.12] Game servers restart. Welcome update 7.7!   
    Those mcs who think Elf skills are better , They are welcome to join elf. Same goes with those elf who thinks mc skills are better
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    Lashabi reacted to Omercix in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    I remember once they said , this cd is something different then common meaning. They said something like cooldown speed and cooldown are different things. So even if you have %100 and more cd your skills still has a cd more then 0 seconds.
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    Lashabi reacted to Clockwork in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    You understand the entire issue of a seeker is no defensive trait at all right? When a rogue gets incredible increase in dodge and massive dmg output for no loss of stats. For us to have same effect we need to take a skill that makes us take +10% dmg? Thats free Fero for the enemy in a sense. We get a 550 DMG absorb sheild. Thats 1/4 of a normal crit or 1/2 of a normal dmg skill of any dmg class. For a seeker to do dmg we need to stack mana regen, sacrificing this "amazing" damage output you think we got. IE: Using pene on rings, blah blah. The fundamental problem with a seeker is he's a suicide bomber only relying on RNG - Random Number Generator of the game. Hopefully we crit, hopefully that bleed doesn't miss so we can heal from bloodthirst, hopefully that sun net timed perfect to be able to re stealth before bleed breaks. Every class has a "oh shit" button but seekers do not in any sense of the word. I enjoy seekers because they are different, but just feels like a meme class. We have 1 of everything but none of it really shines. 
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    Lashabi reacted to Higgings in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    I would have given them damage skills in fact and you should know that test server is made not only to PvP with other players in other servers but also to test those skills. Several changes may happen before the official release and a old player like you should know it. 
    you are comparing totally different classes and different ways to play those classes. Hunters are the opposite of Rangers, which have got 4 cc skills as well. Since I brought the seeker's case, your reasonment Could've had more sense if you had brought "Rogue" and talked about his defensive skills more than Hunter and his stuns. but it was also my mistake on writing "Damager class"; I should have written "Seeker". My apologies. Besides, I will never understand why you all want to remove the differences between each class. If you want to have ccs, get a druid or a warlock or even a charmer. If you want physical damage get a BD, a barb, a dk or another class like that.
    Great damage output, speed, several damage skills (more than a rogue), several offensive statistic augmentating-skills, shield and 1 sleep skill and some debuffs. I see nothing that much different from a rogue,the difference is that rogue is older and people figured out ways to use it in pvp. Seekers instead did not have the same luck, in my opinion. 
    EDIT: gotta correct myself: test server is made mainly to test new features ^^ 
    I saw this now. More than supporting my side I am just saying that if you want a class which stuns non stop, you shall join the MC side. I don't simply understand the point of making every single class similar to another one. And that was the meaning of my previous sentence, but it is clear that I didn't manage to make everyone get it. My fault there. 
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    Lashabi got a reaction from Man in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    Then why has hunter 3 crowd control skills? Tell me
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    Lashabi reacted to GalaxyRekt in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    There is no bug with BD. I would call it something like potato server
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    Lashabi reacted to skzcbm in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    I cant understand why paladin nerfs so much,many people play paladin?
    he  is  too strong to nerfs?i am a new paladin player,i amply it three week ago,now  i want  to  u give  back  my charge  money,and  just go to delete my  acc,ok?dear  gm

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    Lashabi reacted to Gladiator in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    Arena will be active again*
    I hope more people can get access to that currency like top 10 or 20, but obviously the gear would be pretty expensive so that only #1-5 could afford to buy something in 1 season. Pls make seasons shorter btw. 1 month is good enough.
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    Lashabi reacted to Omercix in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    Dk becomes warden
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    Lashabi reacted to Spanish in [2018.09.07] Update 7.7: Hidden power. Preview   
    Rush is not instant  they already had trouble chasing people... poor potatos bds Meanwhile Deathknight and Barbarian got nice skill,  stun from 7 yards, can heal, permastun, block all incoming damage skill, 1h weapon +shield users that sit at 1k dmg with fero almost max at lvl 28 and can one shot most people. if you are competitive on PvP just play charmer/dk/barb or stick to PvE
    But i like the new Ranger and Rogue skill, Paladin nerfs seem too much, Seeker is a meme class still it seems.. 
    Will lvl 30 bring new experts or talent tree builds? 
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    Lashabi got a reaction from Omercix in [2018.08.23] In development: V sector of Ayvondil "The Ship Graveyard"   
    Mobile dragon engine
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    Lashabi reacted to Gladiator in [2018.08.23] In development: V sector of Ayvondil "The Ship Graveyard"   
    It seems very hard and challenging and I like that.
    I hope that we see new concepts in quests, not just the normal old stack quests and deliver on exp potion and get reputation for dungeon.
    I'm hoping for a challenge and a good reward in each quest.
    I have ideas of cool concepts if devs didn't think of them yet 
    - For the quests that we need to go underwater for, we have to wear [Diving mask] otherwise we will start receiving periodic damage after some time.
    - (Some) quests will automatically fail if we don't complete them in a specific time (Because we drown) and so we will have to repeat the quest all over again
    - Some mysterious areas where we receive big damage or die immediately not knowing why.  Like swamps towers but more mysterious 
    - Something like wandering huge whales could swallow players that come near them, and then players get teleported to the insides of that whale to find their way out of the complicated mazes overcoming some nastyass creatures and hurdles, and maybe find some swallowed human quest-giver and get a cool reward for it! 
    - I think we can make something out of the Submarines too!
    Only in a full party of 5 players, the leader of a party can summon a Submarine for some cost and lead it, for faster movement underwater and to not drown!
    I could go on  but I don't know if devs could implement any new ideas if they already have everything planned out. 
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    Lashabi reacted to Reivenorik in [06.08.2018] Unique costumes of Sam Hain and Evil Sandro in the Dungeons all week! Hurry up to grab rare rewards!   
    We will not add a hero's limit level for getting items in the mythical dungeon even after the end of the event 
    Today is the last day when they can be dropped from myth
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    Lashabi reacted to Reivenorik in [2018.07.30] Week of Summer Bounty!   
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    Lashabi reacted to subhojeet in some useful tips   
    I saw a review at play store. There aigrind replied on someone's comment. That reply means share with us what is your expectation to make game more good.
    As currency in this game we found gold. Mcoin is just a shortcut way.
    But in This game they made the production of gold very low. Where creates gold? npc and quest giver.   Ways of production gold, (1) quest gives a little gold. (2) killing mobs gives you 2-8 gold maximum which is worst side of gold production.(4) dg drops gold value in npc if a item cost 30k at market, that item cost in npc 500 gold. so there is rare chance of produce gold. def 3= 1 gold, dmg 3= 10 gold, cata and ess = 1 gold, bars =250, 500, 750, 1000 gold. (5) boss drops value similar to dg so read 4th point again. (5) from mcoin item u can't produce gold because it cost in npc 1-10 gold.
    so we found quest, some drops(dg and boss), bars. only these way gold produce in game.
    i think this is why mcoin value in gold going down.
    devs should increase production of gold in game.
    They should active mobs farm area. a huge number of players were disappeared after release gold drop system in game. when there will be more chance to grind gold from farm maybe people will be more active.  They should give a proper npc cost to a dg drop. example A gear drop, if that gear's npc value 30000 gold. The owner will force to sell at more than 30000+ gold. and buyer will try to manage his gold for buy. Otherwise buyer will say i buy 3000 gold u want sell? and seller will see there is no choice. These is how market goes down and they give up. So if gold production increase and dg drops get a proper npc value. People will more active to grind those. Based on value every item should have a proper npc cost. Game should create a item's cost in npc. example relics, unity sign, craft resources etc.  Mcoin items should have a proper npc value which will create those items market value. example if 1 piece sign cost in npc 2000 gold. owner will sell it at 2000+ gold a piece to others. and buyer will manage gold for it. Otherwise buyer will say 5000 gold for a set, seller will see npc value 10 gold then better sell at 5000 gold. Why mobs have gold? do they steal gold after kill players? They should add some items(stones or cristals) on mobs which have npc worth. example normal adds drop dark stones cost in npc 1000 gold 3% drop rate, strong mobs drop blue stones cost 2000 gold 3% drop rate, mini boss drop yellow stone 5000 gold 3% drop rate, normal boss drop red stone 10000 gold cost 3% drop rate, big boss drop pink stone 30000 gold cost 5% drop rate, raid boss drop white stone 50000 gold cost and 5% drop rate. people can use this stones for trade of gold and can sell in npc.  
    The time i had entered first time in game i saw many players in every town and at whole map many players spread They farming. There was farmers, dg spamers and arina players.
    Now days it is hard to see people at towns Except some towns like map4 t3, t4 and map2 t1, t4. 

    Where players disappeared? many will say they got busy in their real life,
    Then where are the new comers? who will full-fill old players place? 
    My suggestion for new comers. devs should add map1 mobs drop some colorful lvl 6-8-10-12 gears and weapons which have 2-3 status and npc cost 100-400 gold. and for map2 do the same with lvl deference. Every year costume contest happen we see many costume looks well but not win any place. Use those costumes for drop at map2 boss. and make boss hard so people need party for kill boss. Must give one tutorial or auto quest for first entry in game. tutorial auto quest will give knowledge how to start a unknown game.
    Don't make a char solo every thing and unbeatable. This thought killed others chars. example: after rise of wardens in game paladin, priest and druid are almost died.
    My last request is take a look at crimson corundum. I think last update made craft items value down.
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    Lashabi reacted to Reivenorik in Battles of Alliances need new war !   
    I have access to statistics, and I'll tell you that for both factions on each server is played by approximately the same number of players.
    We also have a system that will not allow you to create a character for a certain faction, so as not to disturb the balance.
    We have no preferences, we play for two factions at the same time.
    There is an opinion that battles are lost because some players prefer not to take part in them.
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    Lashabi got a reaction from Cardinal in Phishing sites!   
    @Cardinal it is started again

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    Lashabi got a reaction from Omercix in Make dungeons more interesting!   
    Lol those are mcoin items..if devs add those items as drops they will lose much money . So it's a no no suggestion
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