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  1. Haha
    Lashabi got a reaction from Kaesarz in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
    These skills should be renamed as "INNER FRUSTRATION"
    I have better idea that devs might like about bds new skill......make it passive skill
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    Lashabi got a reaction from Lostsignal in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
    These skills should be renamed as "INNER FRUSTRATION"
    I have better idea that devs might like about bds new skill......make it passive skill
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    Lashabi got a reaction from TheCaster in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
    Lol I saw a bd straight walked though the dark circles of 2 warlocks and killed them like they were pests
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    Lashabi reacted to Akasha in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
    Hello amorcitos!
    I haven't been as active here because I'm preparing translations, although I collected the main ideas from you and I will be sending to our devs right now. P.S.- a big "Thanks" to Hig, once again taking the charge and helping with the answers. And we're very happy to hear such a positive overall response from you! 

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    Lashabi got a reaction from Speedom in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
    Yea that what necromancer word means
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    Lashabi reacted to TheCaster in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
    I don't understand your logic. First and foremost, for the mage to be able to use that skill it should be able to click on that character, Stone body is an emergency last save skill and makes warlocks un attackable and vice versa.

    Side note: Have you ever played a warlock? Do you realize, they are the only class with just one buff skill? and you want the new mage skill to remove even that?
    For a warlock to be able to use these skills, it should stay alive long enough.

    Please take a look below:
    Arrow of Darkness. Life exhaust. Dark circle. Pool of Darkness. Fear. Hex. Fading, Dark seal. Bloody Tribute. Relaxation. Dark seal. Stone body.
    Now if you're someone who made the post with at least some basic knowledge of how Lock skills work, then you will know the corresponding working and stats of the skills I've mentioned above. One common problem you'll be noticing is that all these are debuff skills. Relaxation being the only buff skill lock has. The locks out there can testament to the insane Energy regen it takes to keep this skill activated.

    So once again my good sir, I implore you not to make baseless posts. @Beowullf

    Yesterday in the test server I saw people reach almost 50% resistance.
    - 20% from castle scroll.
    - 15% from polar potion of resistance.
    - 6% guild buff.
    - 7% from just one resist accessory.

    Mind you, not dedicated snow resist gear that sacrifices other stats. Just 1 anniversary resist accessory.

    How is a warlock, a class that solely depends on its control and debuff skills going to survive in this warspear world of resist? 

    Let's Forget about all this resist for a moment. Let me paint a picture for all the good people out there:
    I try to fear a charging BD at me but guess what? 100% resist during Rush.  Now, it hamstrings me, starts dmg spam and I'm left with the last strands of my HP even with greatness gear and accessories. Just for laughs, let's say I somehow survive the damage spam and try to put some distance or stun the BD but guess what folks? Resist count 1. Okay so maybe I can run back some try to use circle, Oh wait, Why is that BD walking over my circle? Resist count 2. Okay run back some more <<<<<<<, Let's try fading + pool. WAIT A MIN, Where's my fading debuff gone ? Resist count 3. Fine, let's try the new skill on the way and try to silence the BD. boom Resist count 4.  Oh shit, STONE BODY TIME. Starts Praying to the Gods for a Miracle. I look at the BD standing beside my bloody and battered stone body smiling at me, laughing at my face. "Just come out of stone body you little twat, I have my fingers clicked on my skills and hovering over your soon to be dead body"

    This may sounds funny to most of you but it's not to me and all the warlock users out there. It's just plain sad. Why must we suffer so badly after spending the same amount of time and money if not more as that person has spent into his BD? and trust me it'll not just be locks facing this issue; druids stun cycle, mage stuns, necro sleep , charmers, rangers, dks , hunters. It's understandable if their damage is low with so much resist given to them but their damage, defense, control are all outrageous. The implications of this puts all classes that gets matched up against a BD in jeopardy. 

    For those who know Lock and BD workings, continue the story in the comments. Be creative. Seriously though, Try to find a way to keep my warlock alive.

  7. Haha
    Lashabi reacted to Mercurry in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
    Charmer skill seems fairly decent
  8. Haha
    Lashabi reacted to Ellatrice in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
    Bd with new skill is too much OP. On 4/4 skill, 4 resistance for +22 sec.
    Bd have high damage, shield, stun, resist from rush, 4 resist from new skill.
    My reaction when I tested this badass in pvp:

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    Lashabi reacted to lore in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
    want talk of the paladin or of the bladedancer?
    increase the life duration can allow it to live more time to summon more and deal more damage, thats the part where it get usefull, but its also true that there are better skills but also having it at 1/4 will give its help by making em stand sligthly longer, every increase is helpfull , also the skill are not forced to be stronger than the previous ones and might find a use for a build when the character's level inceases by also adding more skillpoints
    the area stun that you talk about only locks in position.
    but here the area controll skills possed by the legion. (i will  ignore such stuff as pulling, slowing, or any other debuff that dosen't block skill usage or make u loose controll of the character)
    1.dark circle, warlock, full stun
    2.eathquake, shaman, only position lock (neatly useless on casters or ranged classes)
    3.panic, necromancer, can be removed by damaging the affected one (fear)
    4.arrow of confusion, hunter, same as neromancer's panic skill
    5.otherwordly fire, charmer, full stun, on chance
    now ill also look to the sentinels
    1.rush, bladedancer, on chance, full stun
    2.punitive roots, druid, position lock then also silence 
    3.forest song, druid, on chance, applies sleep (a hit removes the effect)
    4.fetters of justice, paladin, position lock then also silence (at skill developed)
    5.harad's call, paladin, on chance, fullstun
    6.illusory chains, mage, position lock and silence 
    7.shattered stone, mage, on chance, full stun
    the question now the question is their stats, for sure in a war scenario the skills panic (necro), arrow of confusion (hunter) and forest song (druid) will be actually useless due all the attacks going on
    now lest see single target controll skills:
    1.exalation of darkness, death knight, full stun
    2.threads of darkness, death knight, position lock
    2.blow of silencce, death knight, silence
    3.sharp shadow, death knight, on chance, full stun
    4.fear, warlock, fear (can be removed by damaging the enemy)
    5.fading + pool of darkness, warlock, fullstun
    6.hex, warlock, silence
    7.nightmares, necromancer, sleep (1 hit removes it)
    8.oppression, charmer, fullstun
    9.stone curse, charmer, fullstun but impossible to attack, removes from battle mode
    10.knowledge of the dead man, charmer, fullstun
    11.charge, barbarian, on chance, fullstun
    12.shieldstrike, barbarian, on chance, fullstun
    13.gouge, rogue, sleep (1 hit removes)
    14.blind, shaman, blinds (increased target's dodge)
    15.stunning shot, hunter, fullstun
    16.arrow of silence, huter, silence
    here for the sentinels
    1.hamstring, blade dancer, postion lock then also silence (as skill developes)
    2.scattershot, ranger, fear (but cannot be removed by attacks recived or increases dodge)
    3.beast trap, ranger, position lock + silence
    4.hunter's cage, ranger, lock on position (but increase target's deffence)
    5.entangling roots, druid, location lock then silence (at skill developed)
    6.power of water + lightning bolt, druid, fullstun
    7.shocking blow, warden, fullstun
    8.repellent strike, paladin, fullstun
    9.disappearance, seeker, on chance, fullstun
    10. sun nets, seeker, sleeps (1 hit removes)
    11.armistice, priest, dosent allow the caster and affected to attack eachother
    12.exhausting burden + armistice, priest, fullstun (the combo will take the chance of chain with)
    here them all, please consider to also look how does the skill works, what u wont develope for increase it, as example the ranger's trap requires to be stepped on and its not visible my the enemy, making it handy in wars, or some skill will be useless vs some classes as priest's armistice vs any other heal because them will heal back, as for now there are 3 skills that can help you bypass these stuns wich are
    barbarian nature, barb, immunity from any effect for some time
    ennoblement, mage, (can be applied to allies!) heal from all effect and makes em immune to em for some time
    natural resistance, warden, increased the resistance statistic for some time
    *during the rush the bladedancer in immune from gaining any effect
    for here you can see that the sentinels can make some op combo in wars for get over legion's defences by using ennoblement on other classes, possibily tanky and with good aoe damage like the paladin, and note that the first 2 i mentioned are a death sentence to any warlock, 9/13 of his skills are debuffs to the enemy aka u have resist and the warlock cant make you almost any arm (except if it crits you when using shadow sphere at maximun energy, then that will hurt)
    legion, 5 (-1?)aoe skills (2 not effective in wars), 16 single target (3 not effective in war) 
    3(-1?) aoe skills effective in wars, 13 single target skills effective in war
    sentinels, 7 aoe skills (1 not effective in wars), 12(-1?) single target (1 not effective in war)
    6 aoe skills effective in wars, 11(-1?) single target skills effective in wars
    why is fear skills not effective in wars?
    because with all those attacks going on, i will get the hit that removes you from the effect way before it ends, and with all the aoe going on, it will happen always
    why you didn't consider all the slowing and pulling skills?
    even if them can make a change in the war, it dosen't fully stop a charge of players by locking em in position
    if you want consider em here wich are the ones that includes that
    thread of darkness, death knight, pulling,then position lock (single)
    fading, warlock, slowing (single) (the combo with  pool of darkness may make it pointless)
    mental pit, necromancer, highly decreases the skill cooldown stat
    goading. charmer, slowing (single)
    slowing trap, ranger, slows, aoe
    tornado, druid, pulls and decrease skill cooldown speed, aoe
    switcheroo, warden, switch position with target and slows, single
    exhausting burden, priest, slows
    excrabation, seeker, slows (single target)
    splitting blow, seeker,slows (single taget)
    exhaustive blow, seeker, decreases skill cooldown (single)
    attraction, seeker, pulls (single target)
    the skillcount will be:
    legion, 5aoe(-1?) skills (2 not effective in war), 19(-1?) single
    sentinels, 9 aoe skills (1 not effective in war), 18(-1?) single target (1 not effective in war)
    the last question u need make is the cost, duration, cooldown, covered area, maximun targets, range and consider any extra attribute and other skill before saying how the update will change the game or say wich side has an advantage, because as we can see there also population issues
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    Lashabi got a reaction from Luiz Carlos in [2020.05.23] Warspear Online 8.4: Underwater adventures. Preview   
    Ranger's dodge skill: am I joke to you?
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  12. Haha
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    Lashabi got a reaction from Mecha in Mecha plays Warspear   
    You are always welcome buddy
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  16. Haha
    Lashabi reacted to oninone98 in [2020.05.18] Event of the week “Rush of Knowledge” already in the Arinar!   
    nobody cares. when is the big update
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    Lashabi reacted to Speedom in Seeker skill idea   
    Definitely agree here. We do need a better reward system. This will definitely make players grind more.
    Yea that's true. However, at high lvl, we're starting to see more mobs and bosses doing aoe dmg. And you know everyone likes to do boss raid along side with pvp. Not all the time you'll have a tank in your party. Therefore Seekers do, like all high dmg class, aggro. Them aggro makes survivability worst due to the update on harad shield cd increased and a cardboard shield. Not even the duration relic can help. Trust me, been there and done that. Adding a dodge skill will give seekers some potential with surviving. Ya know how it can be when healers aggro and have to keep themselves alive and heal you afterwards. In addition, for the f2p players with no lifesteal, this can help them stay alive if they manage to aggro. That's pretty much how I see it.
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    Lashabi reacted to Zurp in Seeker skill idea   
    Im not even sure what the supposed skill would do atm, but losing accuracy is a big no. Hitting attacks consistently is now the only way to stay alive in pve at least.
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    Lashabi got a reaction from Speedom in Seeker skill idea   
    But my question is that do developers really read our (international English forum) suggestions or we are just wasting time here ?
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    Lashabi got a reaction from Speedom in Seeker skill idea   
    Please suggest passive skills..there are already many mana-consuming skills available for seeker
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    Lashabi reacted to Gladiator in [2020.04.27] Event of the week "Troll Mania" and Magical Weekly ratings Tournament!   
    The king doesn't seem so happy with these drop chances that have been given over the past weeks  
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    Lashabi reacted to Gladiator in Better daily gifts   
    What is there to bot? If the rewards are something like personal HP pots/life scrolls/repairs, I don't see why would anyone go through the trouble of botting them. I don't see any problem in having free stuff if you log for 2hrs for example even if afk. It's not gonna break the game. It will rather help progression of newer players.
  23. Sad
    Lashabi reacted to Higgings in [2020.04.20] Event of the week "The Old School" and Magical Weekly ratings Tournament!   
    Uhm that's sad. There's usually the x2 chances from chests to obtain rare items too. 
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    Lashabi reacted to Speedom in Injustice   
    I have a +9 Seeker so I know wtf I'm talking about. Seekers weak without vamp runes and that's a fact. However, do you really thing f2p can afford a full set of vamp gear or runes. The gold system is terrible already and the price on really good gear are expensive. To make a good seeker, it's freaking expensive. Who wants to inv a seeker with low damage or can't hold his own with some kind of vampire in his stats? I bet every seeker in your party are at least +9 since you're saying they hit 6-7k dmg thanks to high lvl guild buff also. Trust me, I've done many many experiment on seekers and there's no short cut.
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    Lashabi reacted to Gladiator in Introducing Arena accessories with a new stat - Concentration   
    I'd like to suggest a new stat that comes in new Arena shop accessories for Arena points. I think Arena shops deserve accessories since the only PvP-Viable accessories cost imperials which not every one can afford. So what is this new stat? Concentration - or whatever you wanna call it 😄
    Concentration: Increases the accuracy of landing any debuffs, in other words reduces the chance of resisting debuffs from skills or relics.
    I think Resistance is kinda getting a little out of hand in PvP and Arena. You can get around 20% resistance with lvl12 guild passive while still keeping decent resilience, defense and damage. Not to mention castle scroll's 20% resistance and 15% from xmas potions. Reaching around 50% resistance with over 40% resilience as a heavy dmger class sounds crazy, and it is.
    Now I don't think resistance is broken or anything, I don't think it should be nerfed let alone removed, I think it's important to have it in the game to counter full control classes. The problem is when you have a skill that has a debuff maxed out, so you have invested 3 skill points on an expert skill for example and then it just gets wasted on resistance. Which makes you wonder why the heck should I even level this skill up? Resistances also gives a bigger advantage to full damage classes than to control classes (Obviously).
    Concentration will counter Resistance, now it doesn't have to be so that 10% concentration completely cancels out 10% resistance, I think resistance should still have the upper edge, but at least there would be a way for debuff/control classes to be able to do something against insane resistances, even if it takes sacrificing important stats... Especially if it takes sacrificing important stats. Why important stats you might ask? That's because the new accessories will not have any damage in them. They would have magical defense, HP, Resilience, and Concentration (Cape: p. def and mana reg for HP). I would also not mind introducing crystals that would be applicable on amulets and capes (Rings too?), but still not sure about enchants. The values of the stats and the buffs can be decided by devs of course depending how they see it balanced, but I think it would be good to be able reach a high enough amount to cancel out a resistance of 20-25%.
    For example and for simplicity purposes, imagine this 1v1 scenario: Warlock with 850 dmg and 0% concentration vs BD with 20% Resistance might prefer replace his greatness accessories for Concentration ones and go for 600 dmg and 20-25% Concentration and leave a slight to or even no chance to get resisted.
    I can see how hard it could be to balance this stat, but I think it's important.
    If well balanced, this will add a bit more depth to the Debuff-Resistance interaction and make it a little less randomizded by introducing a third controllable factor. Before, it would be the skill's chance to apply debuff vs Resistance, now Concentration will have to be taken into consideration, giving more importance to gear-building and less room for RNG. Of course there will still be a little RNG if the defenders Resistance (greatly) exceeds the attackers Concentration, in that case, the Concentration will only decrease the defender's Resistance chance. Also need to keep in mind that full control should not happen, that's why I said it needs to be balanced so that Resistance still overcomes Concentration, unless the defender's Resistance is very very low.
    Now this stat could also be introduced in PvE of course, but my main interest was Arena. But it would be cool to have it in some form in PvE, maybe if the stat could be gained by enchanting accessories or so. I'm not a big fan of the enchants idea tbh I just mentioned it for the sake of mentioning it, because then people will just enchant Greatness accessories and still reduces resistance keeping high damage, I really think it should replace the damage stat on the accessories, since it's gonna be impactful.
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