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  1. Haha
    Lashabi reacted to Speedom in THE ART OF WAR - Classes states and suggestions on how to improve it.   
    Same for Mages. They should be casting from ranges. Technically, they have a long cast time in other games. But um I'll stop there since it's off topic.
  2. Wow
    Lashabi reacted to lallouss in Charmer unbalanced   
    2 scenarios can be here
    1. their team is small and they should have expanded by now, as players grew as does the company but lack of ads and publicity to international community i doubt will happen now or later, game reached it limits in popularity unless something new or drastic is done to increase costumer service and game issues, players going to quit and get bored of routine
    2. their team is big enough to solve issues but they deem them unworthy because russians didnt complain about it and thus making it delayed more and more each update till it becomes bad enough people dont care to complain anymore or play
    lets say you found a bug or something overpowered and u explained it really good, but you didnt have resources to proove yourself, it doesnt even get considered in devs eyes, it gets rejected even tho they can try and test it themself in few minutes, maybe their team is too small to handle everyone i dont know, but considering the amount of revenue we can predict warspear generates i think they can expand but they refusing to do it and this isnt problem of the employees in the company its the company manager or owner himself maybe, he choose to decide to expand or keep small team and get enough revenue till game dies eventually
    i myself stoped making videos of warspear because i got bored of routine same quality, and knowing game wont expand so why should the players expand
    let me summarize it with few words: i lost hope and got bored winning or losing doesnt matter both not enjoyable when seeing russian section gets more replies and attention than international
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    Lashabi reacted to Speedom in Charmer unbalanced   
    I don't think they know what they're doing other than leeching onto player's wallet. 
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    Lashabi reacted to lallouss in Charmer unbalanced   
    need a full balance on all classes elf, mc, forsaken and chosen, new meta and new classes makes things different most games got skill balance updates frequently except warspear i see they delay it on major updates or when they decide things are game breaking but thats hurting game mechanics each complaint should be checked and inspect and fixed or at last have 2 weeks or monthly patches to fix anything broken not wait years for it
    but lets be honest here i dont want be racist but they give more attention to russian complaints than they do to international complaints they even said so themselves after that is said we wait patiently for a skill balance update thank you
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    Lashabi reacted to Speedom in Swooping army op   
    Yea Chief does have a great utility to close in the gap. Hard to say how they're op in smaller fight since their utilities are for bigger fights (wars and gvg). In smaller fight when they become the main target, they seem to get washed easily. And that's probably because of their build more focus is bigger battle. Chief in 2v2 arena without win/lose will have to change their build and strategy to actually win. Their build are versatile just like any other classes, but certain build doesn't fit every scenario. As for Swooping Army, it's only good for Pve, Wars, GvG, and DGs. In a small battle against powerful build classes, that's when the struggle becomes real. 
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    Lashabi reacted to Ahmed Didar in Players are now gradually losing   
    In sea, new players comes, levels up, faces a boss quests, asks for help on chat, no one is there to help, the players vanishes like a ashes in the wind
  7. Haha
    Lashabi reacted to Ogull in [2021.01.01] 2020 results in infographics   
    54532 mermen dungeon was completed, 1893 gear dropped...

  8. Like
    Lashabi reacted to Nolan in [2020.12.24] Update Warspear Online 9.2: Architects' Competition. Release   
    A lot of people like this event and the new mechanics/GvGs... It is impossible to please everyone. But you can always make suggestions in the "Suggestions" section. If they are really possible and viable to be done, you might see them in future events. 
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    Lashabi reacted to Higgings in [2020.12.24] Update Warspear Online 9.2: Architects' Competition. Release   
    If I may add something, I believe that this event is something more than a event. Let's analyse everything a bit deeper
    From what I see, in my opinion, I think devs wanted to rely on other counters to establish the activity of sides, how they are active (either quests, dungeons or bosses) and which faction prevails more in terms of Many vs Many scenarios. By judging the way this tour is reaching its end, it appears quite obvious to me the superiority of the elf faction (at least on EU). I'm glad they can see this, because this might give them an additional reason to buff the legion side a bit more this time, thing that I believe it has not been done since years now. 
    What I hope is that they might use these new (and public) statistics to improve the game for the sake of the so impossible-to-reach balance, at least in terms of Many vs Many scenario. 
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    Lashabi reacted to God Emerald in [2020.12.24] Update Warspear Online 9.2: Architects' Competition. Release   
    tested the event for almost 2 weeks now, saw dgs, rides, map, quests and events..
    and same as every year and as i expected it, im not surprised, worst event ever. snow event is the worst event during year, and every year.
    the mechanical of dungeons and the debuffs of mobs inside cave, the raid boss.. literally everything in this event is bad, not even a single good thing.
    i said it last year before you release the update that everything is expected and repeated, this year i waited to test it first and i wasnt disappointed, cant wait for next year to comment the same thing^^
  11. Thanks
    Lashabi reacted to Akasha in [2020.12.24] Game servers restart   
    Hmmm.. apparently if you remove your equipment before dmd, and then equip your char inside the dungeon, clones will remain without equipment. And when you start attacking the boss don't change the target, let it receive the immunity buff, when the buff is gone, your char should walk towards the true boss. p.s. I haven't told you that 🤫
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    Lashabi reacted to Akasha in Quest guide: First step is the hardest   
    Apparently some people are confused about this quest, I'll give some hints here...
    Quest progress
    Quest dialog
     Hint 1 - While searching the bags: Try all colors, but one at time. Once you get the item from a blue bag, switch to red ones, and so on

     Hint 2 - While looking for the seal: the seal is in the same area as you were before, It is not indicated by any question mark, there it is
     Hint 3 - Picking the vegetables: I collect the provisions in the bags before hand, one of each kind

    Pick the same vegetable as indicated by the chef, gremlins evade if you walk to the very corner of the area

    The time is limited, you have to be quick and taking damage will make you lose the item even faster.

    After repeating the process with all vegetables, you have to be even quicker, otherwise you will have to remake the soup. Click on the right question mark then left 

    Talk to the NPC

    Deliver the quest.
  13. Haha
    Lashabi reacted to Higgings in Chieftain new Expert skills preview: What do you think?   
    Wanna trade Curse of Knight skill for the Resist thingy Chieftain has got?
    Please... ;-; 
  14. Haha
    Lashabi reacted to Vlawot in Barb lv32 pvp build   
    32 lvl
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    Lashabi reacted to Danfake in [2020.12.07] Game servers stop. Farewell to the Median Night holiday!   
    Clearly AIGRIND Reacts faster to elf whining.. 
     Preference don't know, benefits instantly
    DK Nerf skill (Changing mechanics, but a useless skill to attack), But they don't say anything about guild's skill blessing, Thanks now the mage will carry the flag faster. 
    Guild 40mage capturing Castle with skill blessing + area damage, gz AIGRIND 
    If you really want wars to be fun, prohibit the use of any guild skill, because today that war turned into war of the one who uses skill Teleport and Blessing the fastest. 
    Then don't complain to get bad score on Play Store and Steam
  16. Haha
    Lashabi reacted to iAmLemon in one mage and many mcs together...   
    "Hey, I'm being killed, WTF?!"

    "Hey, the enemy is not killing me, WTF?!"

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    Lashabi reacted to Higgings in So when can we expect some kind of nerf to kick in the back   
    There is a lot more to be said about them, tbh. But this is not the right place for that. Same story for Dks. 
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    Lashabi reacted to Gladiator in [2020.10.02] Holiday deal "Faithful helpers": choose your trusted friend!   
    What the heck with the prices?! 1400 mcoins for 10 minions, that's ridiculous...
    Also remove/change rats minions 25% movement speed passive bonus, it's an instant (p2w) advantage in mermen event. Especially with such prices, only rich people will afford to buy tons of them and just easily pay the way to win the first stage.
  19. Haha
    Lashabi got a reaction from Khrone in [2020.09.29] Templar and Chieftain: guide for beginners and plans for improving the classes.   
    Meanwhile who planned to create guide for these new characters to win forum guide competition : " Am I joke to you?"
  20. Haha
  21. Haha
    Lashabi reacted to junliang in [2020.08.20] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Release   
    Experienced for so long, for us ordinary people, this class experience is really too difficult.

  22. Like
    Lashabi reacted to Kazakus in [2020.08.20] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Release   
    Make astral labyrinth III with myth Kronus dungeon with a Copyed Ch’thun from WoW, Another place like kotta ravva for lvl 30 players, expand islenort with an hangout place with elf’s and mcs able to trade with a marketplace dedicated for that, I’m bored to see “transfer gold from elf to mc”
    make some skills able to teleport a party mate for necros/priest
    Make homes for each player able to rent or buy from lvl 18 with bank, laboratory and a garden, we’re bored to use lvl 3 chars and make guilds as a bank.
    You will see how the game will boom of players hope you read my suggestion

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    Lashabi reacted to Speedom in [2020.08.17] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Preview   
    I see Legion have a high perspective on PvP and GvG more than PvE. When I ask for Seekers to get a dodge, many Rogues are like "you have a shield that increases dmg" 
    But your stealth does?
    Rogues: we want movement speed like Seekers.
    But you said you don't want Seekers to not be another Rogues.
    Rogues now have 2 stuns, sleep, healing combo, explosive dmg and now you want movement speed. Rogues cd are shorter too with dodge buffed up to 4% more.😆
    Gosh everyone cracks me up. Nobody talks about Necro and Priest for PvP and GvG, or people who focus on PvE more than anything. Don't worry kiddos, you'll be the next class nobody can kill. Just remembered the impacts for PvE players.
  24. Haha
    Lashabi got a reaction from Speedom in [2020.08.17] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Preview   
    Why only speed? Ask for more stuns, heals ,minions, shield, immunity too....
  25. Haha
    Lashabi got a reaction from REAPER in [2020.08.17] Warspear Online 8.4.2 Update: Preview   
    Why only speed? Ask for more stuns, heals ,minions, shield, immunity too....
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